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The Informer
15th March 2011, 05:23 AM
You might have come across hundreds of books, videos, blogs, articles, etc., that teach you about healthy living and eating for a balanced life. However, reading all of them absolutely useless unless you follow or implement it in your real life. This is where the quetion rises. How many of us are following what we read and see? Feeling bad of yourself and getting to ready to get started with your workout plan? WAIT. The very first thing you need to do is, contact your Doctor or a Physician and get information about your body type, your diet plan and other information. Only they can help you in getting a fit body.

What would make a proper diet plan? Just sticking to the diet plan would help in getting a healthy body and mind? The answer is NO. Work on the first question and you will get the idea for second. Wouldn’t it be great if you could enjoy tasty foods and still stay fit? Now, here’s the idea for you for the same – Acai Berry. It is not from another planet or galaxy. It is just another fruit. Let us have a look at more information on Acai Berry.

Acai palm can be found in abundance in and around Amazon. This black-purple fruit looks small and round, say a smaller Apple. What makes Acai Berry so special? It helps you in increasing energy levels, detoxification (It is very important in order to avoid problems related to digestions & colon. Common medication for detoxification is Dialysis, which really is expensive.) The amount of anthocyanins are majorly helpful in improving your health. These anthocyanins are potentn antioxidants which help avoiding oxidation of free radicals present in your body. Oxidation of these free radicals usually cause death of cells, blood clots and other serious medical problems. By avoiding oxidising these free radicals, you will have proper blood circulation and hence avoid problems related to diabetes, heart and cancer too.

But again, make sure to contact an expert before intaking Acai Berry. Though they are said to be good for all ages, it is advised to go for suggestions from your Physician. Having a look at the other proper diet routines, take protein-rich food which really are expensive and may not be affordable for a few. However, proteins + carbohydrates food items such as raw fruits and vegetables should do the magic. This is why they are called as, “life food”. Lead a happy life!