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18th March 2010, 01:12 AM
It seems to me that Africa will always anticipate violence or the other way round. Politicians already know there will be some sort of fraud during and after elections season. But one thing we need to underline is that,we're crippling ourselves and no one is to be blamed for. For instance, in Kenya, there was never in their constitution about power-sharing, but since the black mentality is set to always not wanting any evolution, democracy, and peace, stood up with a pot-belly accusing and deceiving the innocent citizens to kill and be killed while they're hiding somewhere. Same thing happened in Zimbabwe, but the Francophone Africa is the worst to experience such violence during and after election season. I can't fathom or imagine to see the Francophone Africa always staging coups and so forth, yet the same leaders are being appointed as mediators. For example, Togolese officials attended a forum in Burkina Faso, which Blaise was a mediator. What Blaise has done so far to prove that he's a genuine guy for this mediation? Since when did he come to power? How did he come to power? Does he have a quality of a democratic leader? the answer is hell to the no.

Let me jump to Ivory Coast where Gbagbo thinks he has all the power to dissolve the electoral commission officials and the parliament . Can we blame France for this? The answer is no, Can we blame the west for that mess? The answer is hell to the no, so why Africans take power or presidency as a kingdom where dynastic genealogy comes one after the other? Even the British that has some sort of system that requires them to be on power, have some common sense to cede power to others. African politicians are some wonderful animals, vampires, gluttons, and shameless. Let's not forgetthat adaptation is the key in every circumstances. It is time for the next African generation to stand up and say no to all these empty-useless leaders of Africa. Africans must adapt change and start thinking and reasoning along with the world for we have anything and everything to make Africa the super power of the world. The question is how can we change the mentality of Africans? Do we have to convince our parents first or the politicians? We have the same color, yet we have found ways and means to exclude others as if there is a disparity between us. A more concise example to be given is the United States of America. The people don't vote because their candidate is from their state or black or white. All they vote for are the policies of a competent and a scrupulous candidate.

Africans wake up the world's golden doors are closing behind us.

Pope Bitterz D'Alomo
10th July 2010, 10:46 PM
to quote the late Michael Joseph Jackson, If you wanna make the world a better place,take a look at yourself and make the change".

African leaders like all politicians are liars. They never practice what they preach,however the African politician has taken the dastardly act of plundering their nations assets a step further by adopting the " I have no shame smile" whiles they spew garbage and kiss the bums of the western world seeking alms.

They will rather raise the roof when a white man farts but will never strive to fart themselves is how my grandfather puts it mildly. lol

23rd August 2013, 01:02 PM
Everyone Must Change Mentality: I just researched on the situation of France at the age of their occupation. 1940. And the astonishing truth was shocking, they were not so much worried about their motherland occupied by German troops. They were much worried by losing their African/Asian colonies. Hitler in Paris didn't worry them in deep, they knew they were able to handle this problem, but the loss of their colonial territories in North Africa (Algeria, Chad) in Africa and Indochina (todays Vietnam), this was what worried them most. They were willing to make collaboration agreements with Nazi Germany in 1940/41, just to save their colonial empire. They have their cheap "resitance" tales today, but the truth were their French bourgeois interest in keeping their colonies. So the all of the French bourgeois collaborated with Hitler. All of them. And Hitler was listening and willing to agree to them. The agreement was already on the way, proof it by the "hot" artillery and so on battles between UK and France forces in 1940/41. The French got corrected later by the Algerians and by the Vietnamese, for good. Down with the Colonialists. This is the historic truth.

23rd August 2013, 01:09 PM
Do I really have to do historic research alone?

3rd September 2013, 10:38 AM
if you want to be taken for serious, do not quote
people from show business, sports, entertainment or politics: "to quote the late Michael Joseph Jackson, If you wanna make the world a better place,take a look at yourself and make the change".

3rd September 2013, 10:48 AM
actually they have to. and they know why they have to. and actually I think they're on a good way to do so. I personally believe here must be more GHA in the forum, but I think the common gha men and women have no access to. fact is that they commoners have no internet access still today.

3rd September 2013, 10:55 AM
actually I just came and joined this forum to look for some students for scholarships. but I do not think that this place is good to offer such chances cause I think there is no sign that real people ever appear here.

25th September 2013, 08:56 AM
Africans Must Change Mentality. Yes this was said already said 165 years ago.