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14th March 2011, 02:25 AM
I cannot overemphasize on the importance of education. To me, education is everything. In fact, had it not been for education, civilization, as we know it, would’ve been non existent. The world would’ve been in a state of anarchy. Undoubtedly, chaos and disorder would’ve been the order of the day!

Education is science. The art of understanding! But, understanding what? Understanding how the physical world operates, of course. Knowledge! Without knowledge, ignorance would surely prevail. One wouldn’t know either what or what not to do! That said, knowledge isn’t only about how-to-know, it’s also about how-to-do. In order words, knowledge necessitates creation. I would even go further to state that creation was built on knowledge. Yes, creation was built on science, the art of understanding. Hence, the harmonious interplay, which seems to characterize nature.

The essence of education is to make one knowledgeable so that creation could ensue. One who is truly knowledgeable must be able to create! To create based on what you know, of course! In Ghana, little do we emphasize on creation, whenever we talk about education. Yes, we are quick to talk about development, alright. But the question is; how could there be development without creation? Creation precedes development! In order words, you first create, then develop whatever has been created. So, before we start talking about development, shouldn’t we be talking about how to do things first? Perhaps, we should! Unless, of course, we aren’t creating anything ourselves. Regrettably, this happens to be true in our case. We Ghanaians don’t create anything! We only use what somebody else has created. The record has shown!

In the Netherlands, where I happen to reside, you would be amazed to see what the Dutch are capable of. Here, the Dutch import less to none. Here, almost everything is self-made. Here, science and technology rule supreme! For years, the Dutch have been turning aluminum sheets into cooking pots, cars and planes. They have been turning wind energy into electricity. They have been constructing their own transportation roads and bridges. When it comes to water affiliated projects, the Dutch are the people to see. Indeed, this isn’t bad for a country, which her infrastructure and schools destroyed by the Nazis during the Second World War. That said, the Dutch also happen to be very creative. I have keenly observed! For instance, they would import cacao beans from Ghana for less. They would then transform the cocoa beans into all kinds of finished products. Afterwards, they would sell these commodities back to us for more.

Dear reader, this is the true essence of education. To know how to manufacture things and market them accordingly! As a country, Ghana boasts of so many PhD holders. People with PhD in this, people with PhD in that. However, you would be saddened, when you look at the country. Ghana bears the mark of incompetence, failure, ugliness and shame. A typical third world country! A country neglected and betrayed by its own! In comparison to countries in the West, Ghana looks like a slum.

A disaster area would be a fitting description! Is it any wonder that Ghana isn’t listed as a popular destination for tourists? The country is so disorganized with little to no beauty to be found. People are roaming the streets unemployed! You could see hopelessness and despair painted on their faces. Apparently, we cannot seem to create jobs for our own. For the unemployed in our midst, a welfare system should’ve been in order by now, but no.

As a people, we are not thinking. Our hearts are frozen. We have no love or sense of responsibility! Yes, we call ourselves Christians, but we aren’t Christ-like in any form or fashion. The truth has to be told! We spend millions and millions of cedis on elections. However, when it comes to the poor, there’s none to be shared with them whatsoever. Now, what about that?

In the West, many countries have become economically independent by being creative. We, on the other hand, are still economically dependent. We have become a nation of importers. Our import ratio shows! Yes, many of us have been to school. We could read and write, alright! But, are we educated enough to create things? If no, then we are not truly educated! They say that human beings only use 10% of their brain capacity to create. Dear reader, guess what percentage we Ghanaians are using? Does this indicate that the majority of Ghanaians are brain dead? Well, your guess is as good as mine!

Welcome 2 the New age of Consciousness!

Source: The Emperor