View Full Version : Catholics Pray For Ghana

14th March 2011, 02:13 AM
The Most Reverend Mathew Yirtiere, Administrator of the Ola Cathedral Catholic Church in Tamale has observed that power, pride and pleasure are the major causes of the downfall of many people including nations.

He said Ghana is blessed with natural resources and God’s talents, which could be used to propel the country into prosperity.Most Rev Yirtiere said through hard work couple with good leadership, “We can turn things around”. Most Rev Yirtiere was addressing the Church on Sunday as part of the President’s special request for special prayers for the nation as part of the 54th independence celebration.

The Northern Regional Minister, Mr Moses Bukari Mabengba, Tamale Metropolitan Chief Executive Alhaji Haruna Friday were part of the church service. There were intercessory prayers for peace, long life and prosperity for the President and the nation.

The church service coincided with the Month of Lent, a period in the Catholic calendar when the congregation pray and fast in consonant with the Biblical periods when Jesus fasted for 40 days and 40 nights.

Muslims nationwide also prayed for the country and the President on Friday March 11. Most Rev Yirtiere said the church was praying for the achievement of the Better Ghana Agenda. He said the current political upheavals in Egypt, Tunisia, Cote d’ Ivoire, Libya and other North African countries could be attributed to the quest for power, pride and pleasure, adding that it was unfortunate that Ghana with its numerous resources would have its nationals suffer in some of these countries.

He called on the country’s leadership to quicken the pace of development. Most Rev Yirtiere said despite all the challenges the country was going through, “we must thank God for his grace of given us a good economy, good democracy”, adding that “Ghana is not the biggest in Africa, yet it is the gateway to Africa because God has blessed us”.

He said with the numerous resources including the recent oil find, Ghanaians must work tirelessly and avoid all acts of corruption. He said with good leadership, “our citizens will no longer go anywhere for greener pastures”.

Source: GNA