View Full Version : Kindle 4 - Do We Really Need a Color eBook Reader?

13th March 2011, 02:53 PM
There's no doubt that the Amazon Kindle has changed the way many people read books. If you are going on holiday, it's certainly a lot easier to take a Kindle eBook reader rather than a stack of books! For other people though, reading a book via a Kindle just doesn't have that same appeal that real book has. Never the less, Amazon is set to release the Kindle 4 sometime this year. For the first time, the Kindle will feature a color display.

It doesn't seem long ago that Kindle was first launched. It's now in it's third different model though and with the fourth just around the corner. Kindle 4 promises to feature a full color display, but at what cost? Surely, most people want a Kindle to read normal paperback books, where a simple black and white display would suffice.

For it to venture into full color would put it into the safe category as the iPad perhaps? Probably not, seeing as though the Kindle 4 definitely won't have the processing power of the Apple iPad. So where does that leave the Kindle 4 then? Probably somewhere in between.

I just wonder how many people would want to invest that extra money in a color eBook reader? I personally like to read comics and graphic novels so a full color eBook reader would be quite cool, however I think I would be more inclined to spend some extra cash and just get the Apple iPad instead.

One thing is for sure, when Kindle 4 is released you can expect Kindle 3 to drop in price quite a lot. Maybe it would be best to just get a Kindle 3 once version 4 is released and save some money. In the mean time I could just get an iPad, but then the word on the street is that iPad 2 is on it's way!

In this day and age when technology is so fast moving, it's difficult to know what to buy! Whatever you buy now will cost a lot less in a few months to come. But if you wait a few months to buy, then there will always be something else just around the corner.

I think Kindle 4 would be a good investment depending on two things. Firstly the price and secondly the size of the display. Full color isn't that appealing if the display isn't very big. Hopefully Amazon will get it right!

Q' lypse
14th March 2011, 08:41 PM
shaking my goddamn head

Pope Bitterz D'Alomo
15th March 2011, 01:58 PM
Now they are over doing it !

Q' lypse
15th March 2011, 04:41 PM
it seems my sh*t is stuck at the post office customs or sumthin. should have gotten it last week