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4th August 2010, 01:34 AM
Carlton TV got a scoop when reporter Ali Braund went undercover with a hidden camera in the Poole organization. They also used other sources in making this landmark documentary about the The Church of Scientology. The cult tried to sue the documentary makers, but it was dismissed as an abuse of the courts.
The documentary discusses: Conway and Siegelman survey; security checking (Sec Check); deceptive recruitment; L. Ron Hubbard; Robert Vaughn Young; plan to eradicate Suppressive Persons from the Earth; myths about L. Ron Hubbard’s life; beginnings of the Sea Org; David Miscavige; personality test; emotional manipulation; Key To Life course; controlling an ashtray; Training Routine 0 (staring); Gary Fry signing over £21,000; auditing; emotional high induced by auditing; hard sell techniques; claims of improved memory; Adam Bird paying £34,000.
Further more: Gary Fry leaving and getting refund; Saint Hill castle and the Sea Org; the billion-year contract; goal of “clearing” the planet; Jon Atack; OT3 and Xenu; OT levels and Body Thetans; security checking; use of “confidential” confessional materials for blackmail; arrest of Ali Braund; Scientology’s refusal to co-operate with the programme; the Fair Game policy; author Russell Miller and the attempt to frame him for murder; Fair Gaming of Jon Atack; suicidal thoughts upon leaving; death of John Buchanan in Germany.


Pope Bitterz D'Alomo
4th August 2010, 08:05 PM
I happen to think that some religions if not all, fall within a narrow band on the loopiness scale. Scientology is intrinsically the wackiest. The followers of this BULLSHIT are pretty fvcked for life and their leaders are con men exploiting brainwashed victims for personal wealth and power.

Scientology is a scam !

4th August 2010, 10:00 PM
Like the world is not fucked up enough already. All these cults are nothing but a way to milk the gullible. Thank goodness I'm not a sucker for ---- like that.