View Full Version : Korle-Bu CEO Orders Staff Not To Turn Away Pregnant Women

11th March 2011, 09:15 PM
Authorities of the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital have ordered staff of the facility not to turn away any pregnant woman who cannot be attended to for lack of beds at the maternity ward.

On Monday March 10, a pregnant woman was reportedly forced to give birth in a Taxi after she was turned away by authorities at the Maternity Ward with the excuse that there were no beds.

Citi News investigations revealed that she was not the only pregnant woman who suffered the inhumane treatment.The mother of one of the pregnant women told Citi News, doctors on duty turned down her pleas and turned her daughter away even when she was on the verge of giving birth.

The Public Relations Officer of the Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital Mustapha Salifu has told Citi News the Hospital’s policy was not to turn away patients but to refer them elsewhere based on certain agreements with other facilities. He thus expressed surprise at the incident and said investigations would be conducted into the incident.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Hospital, Professor Otu Nartey, who has been responding to the incident after it was first reported by Citi FM, says measures are in place to deal with the inadequate beds in the maternity wards.

He however said the facility in its current state, especially the delivery ward, requires expansion. “Now what we are looking at is the Labour Ward where they go for the delivery, which is now not big enough to cater for all the women who are coming because they have to move from the Labour ward after they have had their babies to go to the main wards.

"So we don’t have a problem with the wards but rather the entry point where the delivery takes place. This is where we need to look at expansion. “We also want to appeal to the free maternal homes to take some of these patients so that it will reduce the load on Korle-Bu because this a peak period and everybody should get involved”.

Professor Otu Nartey however noted that Government is assisting the Hospital with funding to expand its facilities to meet the growing demand for its services.

Source: citifmonline.com

11th March 2011, 11:51 PM
One aspect of health that is really big in Ghana is obstetrics and i believe the health care providers in Ghana, are really knowledgeable about this problem. therefore, why havent they expanded the facility till this time. Ghana, needs to start thinking about the future instead of just present matters. Pregnant women of Ghana, please just wait patiently for me for a few more years, when i will be equipped with the necessary skills to help you all.