View Full Version : The Other Side of Asem/Lynx Entertainment Split

10th March 2011, 11:11 PM
Ghana Music.com has learnt that Asem is no longer on Richie’s' Lynx Entertainment imprint and thought it wise to bring to Asem’s devoted fans the other side of the matter.

According to Albert, Manager of Lynx Entertainment, the rapper has been dropped from the label and that they have made the official announcement of Asem's departure through a press release.

“The whole matter is that we disagreed on so many things. And the best thing; was to make him go. We didn’t want to force him to do things which were against his will. Too many disagreements within us ”, he said.
An insider also revealed to us that Asem feels that as he reached some limit in his music life, he has started to grow his wings.

“The bottom line is, Asem has disrespected everyone from Albert, Richie and the whole Lynx crew. Asem was able to tell us, he sees Lynx Entertainment as a record studio but not a record label. There are so many ethical things I don’t have to bring out, the insider said.

Asem’s biggest hits included "Give Me Blow", “Pigaro”, “No More Kpayor” and "2010 Fylla'." In spite of considerable television and radio play, Asem has suffered from album sales and performances since he signed the GLO deal .

Besides the way his career was being handled, Asem’s new manager also said Asem had new visions and new aspirations and Lynx Entertainment too had other visions and aspirations. Lynx Entertainment and us couldn't reach a target. There was no beef, we ended it on a good note. It was on a management and vision clash that ended the contract.

Asem’s new manager exclusively revealed to Ghana Music.com that he now under Wobeda Ntem Records and handled by Nana (Publicist) and Solid (Manager).

Source: Ghanamusic.com