View Full Version : Ghana Music Awards Redefines 'Producer of the Year' And Introduces New Category

The Informer
8th March 2011, 08:03 AM

Activities leading up to the biggest night on the Ghanaian entertainment calendar are on as organizers launch the awards and the Planning Committee announces the redefinition of the Producer of the Year Category.

The category previously defined as: the Producer of the Year awards goes to the producer(s) directly responsible (creatively) for the production of the highest number of commercially released award-winning songs/winners during the year under review.

This was often calculated based on the number of award winning songs a particular producer has in the year and was presented on the night by Event Statisticians (KPMG).The Planning Committee however at their last meeting held on March 2, 2011, confirmed the decision that a more creative method should be employed to determine the best producer of the year.

The category was re-defined to read: the Producer of the Year Awards is adjudged by the Planning Committee to be the producer(s) directly responsible (creatively) for the production of a commercially released and nominated song during the year under review.

Each producer of a song that has been nominated for an award at the MTN GMA, by this definition, stands an equal chance of being a winner of the award. The Planning Committee in consultation with Technical Producers in the industry will deliberate on the technical quality of each song presented and the eventual winner will be determined after the exercise.

The Organisers have also announced the inclusion of a new category to the scheme; the M TN GM A Lifetime Achievement Award. This award goes
to individuals or organizations who in one way or another have contributed immensely to the growth and development of the arts and entertainment industry in Ghana.

Meanwhile the general public is encouraged to vote for their favorite in the Public Categories to win awards by sending the alphabet (eg. A for Artistes of the Year, B for Most Popular Song of the Year, C for Discovery of the Year etc) representing the category to the MTN Short code 1767. Please see attached the public voting document.

The general public makes 30% of the decision for the Public categories while the Planning Committee and the Selection Committee make 70% of the decision for the Public Categories. The current list of categories in the GMA 2011 scheme are: Public Category Artiste(s) of the Year, Hiplife/Hip Hop Artiste(s) of the Year ,
Highlife Artiste(s) of the Year , Gospel Artiste(s) of the Year, Discovery of the Year, Best Collaboration of the year, African Artiste(s) of the Year, Hiplife Song of the Year, Highlife song of the Year , Most Popular Song of the Year, Afro-Pop Song of the Year, Hip Hop Song of the Year, Gospel Song of the year, Reggae Song of the Year, Best Rapper of the year.

The Industry categories are: Album of the Year, Best M ale vocal performance(Solo/Group), Female vocal performance (Solo/Group), Best Music Video of the Year, Songwriter of the Year, Record Label of the Year, Producer of the Year, Traditional Artiste(s) of the Year, Record of the Year, Instrumentalist of the Year, MUSIGA Merit of the Year and M TN GM A Lifetime
Achievement Awards.