View Full Version : Simple Workouts to keep your Brain sharp

The Informer
7th March 2011, 08:42 PM
Like physical exercise mental activities are also necessary for every human being. There are several activities within your limit which can effectively make your brain strong & sharp.

Reading is the very useful as well as modest method for exercising your mind. It helps you to gain knowledge. Try to read different topics instead of repeating the same topics again and again.
Several studies have recommended that searching the internet can keep your mind fit.
Learning new things is a unique & effective technique to keep your mind fresh & fit. Learning new languages, musical instrument etc always does astonishing things for your brain.
Solving puzzles is an outstanding method for increasing the strength of your brain. At the same time it will help you to gain knowledge.

To increase the strength of your memory you can use online brain games.

Try to use your opposite hand (if you are a right handed person then use your left hand) for your regular activities. It can help to exercise opposite side of the brain.

Change your interests; try several challenging things to increase the brain activities.

With all these methods proper nutrition is also very important to keep your brain sharp.

Go for some regular exercises, you can even choose yoga or meditation to make your brain fresh.