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The Informer
7th March 2011, 08:36 PM
The world has got very noisy nowadays and this noisy world though seems pretty enjoyment but just be careful, this noise may take the beautiful gift of God from you and that is hearing.

prevent-hearing-lossAccording to some estimate 80% of Americans older than 60 have some sort of hearing problems so what is the reason? I am sure majority of you are ware that loud noise spoils the hearing but still you are not ready to leave your iPod or Mp3 player.

I must tell you that there are hundreds of researches and studies that have shown that consistent exposure to loud sounds spoils the hearing completely so think about cutting short the usage of high volume devices otherwise prepare yourself for a deaf future.

Here I am going to give some useful tips that will help you in getting the factor of entertainment fulfilled in your life along with the full and healthy maintenance of your hearing ability.

* First of all you must have to be conscious about the volume of sound which you are listening, especially when you are using headphones because in that case the intensity of sound going in your ears is more intense. You must understand that only the loudest sound canít give the maximum entertainment, slowing it a bit low wonít affect the entertainment but will leave a positive effect on hearing.

* When you are listening to the loud noises then a break for sometime is very important, donít be very consistent while listening to the louder noises. This thing has been proven that the length of time you are exposed to the louder sound is as significant as the volume of noise so try to avoid the longer listening of loud sound.


* If you are experiencing a little weakness in your hearing ability then immediately consult your doctor because your delay can make this problem more intense and a day can bring complete deafness for you.

* You should also consult your doctor if you are hearing loud noises on the daily basis for example if you work in a factory or on the air port. These louder noises can spoil the hearing ability thatís why you must ask the doctor to suggest some protections for you.


* If you are suffering from genetic hearing loss still you donít have to worry about it, there are many treatments for it, just consult your doctor and youíll surely find a solution.

These were some suggestions for you that will help you protecting yourself from hearing loss, just follow them if you want to have the natural hearing ability throughout your life.

Abena J
9th March 2011, 03:49 AM
Age-related hearing loss is known as presbycusis. Hearing is evaluated by an audiologist. In the U.S., this professional should have a doctorate degree in audiology (Au.D.) as well as a certificate of clinical competence in audiology (CCC-A).

As far as workplaces go in the U.S., there are regulations regarding noise levels and hearing protection set forth by OSHA I believe. Workplaces should enforce these regulations.

Noise-induced sensorineural hearing loss is a growing problem. It is caused by exposure to loud sounds over time. It can be prevented by avoiding loud environments, or using hearing protection. For example, you can buy foam ear plugs at most any pharmacy. These usually reduce noise by 30 decibels. You can also get custom made musicians' earplugs. I have a pair of these. I just went to my local audiologist and asked for some. They cost around $100. They have 15 decibel attenuation, meaning that they reduce noise by 15 decibels. They are very inconspicuous, and they are nice to wear to concerts, etc. Ever leave a concert to find that your ears are ringing and you can't hear very well for a few hours? That's called a temporary threshold shift, and it will damage your hearing over time. Protect your ears.