View Full Version : Shake Up At Sports Ministry

Pope Bitterz D'Alomo
3rd August 2010, 07:55 AM
A shake-up in personnel positions at the Ministry of Youth and Sports is simmering, but already two top shots who have sensed danger are believed to be up in arms against the exercise.

The Acting Chief Director of the Ministry, Alhaji Abdulai Yakubu, and a Deputy Director at the ministry, Allan Agbenatoe, are challenging a directive from the Head of Civil Service for them to be transferred to the Ministries of Tourism and Trade respectively.

They reportedly have vowed to cling onto their seats until the motive for their transfer is explained, alleging that the move was politically-motivated.

Agbenatoe, who like Abdulai, has been at the Sports Ministry for more than a decade, is to be transferred to the Ministry of Trade in line with an established policy of the Civil Service.

A source at the Head of Civil Service told the Graphic Sports yesterday that as per the policy of the service, administrative officers were to be transferred after every four years at a particular station, explaining away the allegation that the exercise was politically motivated.

“In fact, about 10 people have been reshuffled in accordance with the policy, so why are Abdulai and Agbenatoe complaining? Perhaps, there is a gold mine there that they don’t want to leave,” the source conjectured.

The Head of Civil Service, W. A. Kemevor, is out of the country but he is expected back today to throw more light on the issue.

But Abdulai, who joined the ministry during the days of E. T. Mensah in the early 1990s, has reportedly fingered the Minister, Akua Sena Dansua, and the President of the Ghana Hockey Association, Oko Nikoi Dzani, as those behind the purported transfers.

He alleged, among other things, on Radio Gold yesterday, that the minister was transferring them in order to fill the positions with her cronies.

In a sharp reaction, however, Mr Dzani, told the Graphic Sports that Alhaji Abdulai was looking at the “wrong direction” by blaming him “because I don’t know where I come in.

“Abdulai served under me in the Finance Sub- Committee of the World Cup Planning Committee for the last mundial in South Africa, and I have not had any problem with him, so why is he linking me with his transfer?” Mr Dzani asked.

The Minister, however, could not be reached immediately for her reaction at the time of going to press yesterday, just as Abdulai and Agbenatoe, for their respective clarifications.

Mr Agbenatoe joined the Ministry of Youth and Sports as a young graduate in 1996 and has been there since, while Alhaji Abdulai who joined at the time of former Sports Minister, E. T. Mensah, in the early 1990s, moved to the Ministry of Fisheries during the New Patriotic Party (NPP) regime in 2001 but rejoined the sports ministry after the Fisheries Ministry was abolished by the present government.

Graphic Sports sources can confirm that the two gentlemen were served with their transfer letters two weeks ago at the time when the Youth and Sports Minister, Akua Sena Dansua, was in Germany for the FIFA Women under-20 World Cup.