View Full Version : John Mensah reveals ''horror'' France experience

7th March 2011, 04:32 AM
Sunderland Ghana defender John Mensah admits he loves life in England after recounting a dreadful six months in France.
Between September 2008 and February 2009, Mensah was wrongly arrested by police and horrifically racially abused by Le Havre fans.

Devout Christian Mensah told The Sun: “England is a place I love. I love living here and so does my family.

“When I have to go back to France though, it makes me sad after all that has happened. I just want to forget it.

“When I went to Lyon, one of my friends did a bodykit on my car, pimping it up for me. It had big wheels and looked really sporty. One Sunday evening, the day after a game, I was driving back to my hotel when the police, in an unmarked car, pulled me over. They put a gun to my head. They were screaming ‘Out of the car, out of the car’.

“I was shocked and tried to call my lawyer. One of the policemen came rushing at me and threw my phone on to the car. They put me face down on the front of the car. The way my hands were being held behind my back I thought they were going to break. I was so scared.

“They were kicking my legs and my head smashed on the floor. I still have the mark now. There was blood coming down my face. I had never been in trouble but they cuffed me on the way to hospital.

“I saw the doctors and then had to get breathalysed. Then they put me in a cell. I spent the night in jail. They thought the car was stolen. It really hurt me and it was a terrible time for me and my family.”

The Sun