View Full Version : Facts about Pillows

The Informer
3rd March 2011, 12:52 AM
With some other reasons a perfect pillow is also quite an important ingredient in getting a good sleep. You need to find out the accurate position where the pillow will be perfectly placed under your head back upto your neck.

* Water pillows offer you a custom made back up. Just use the water as much you require to support your position. But make sure you are handling them carefully, because they are quite heavy in weight, they could hurt your muscles while you are moving it.
* You can find companies using various soft materials for this purpose. The modern cut is a polygonum fagopyrum like grain pillow. This is quite popular among travelers. You need to figure out the material that is suitable for your body.
* When we sleep in such a way like hugging a pillow side wise with both the hands & put them in between the legs, then a body pillow is quite a good choice for this purpose. It helps to keep your spines indifferent by keeping a distance between your knees as well as minimizing the wiggling of your lower back. For back sleepers, experts believe that placing a regular pillow under your knees will give you the same result.
* Cervical pillows are found to be quite useful for your head & neck. It is made with memory foam for some specific shapes. However it could keep on heat, so for people who are getting overheated in their sleep, it could create some problems for them.