View Full Version : Information Saturation

28th February 2011, 11:04 AM
We get information from many sources and it increases every day. Many of us feel overwhelmed by all this information, and here are some reasons why:

* Americans spend over three hours per day on the computer.
* Not including time at work.
* It is estimated that the average American consumed more than 34 gigabytes of information per day in 2008. That is 34,000,000,000 bytes per day, or about 7 DVDs. And that was only in America.
* The worlds digital data requirement is more than 300 exabytes.

One exabyte is a billion gigabytes. One followed by 18 zeros.

If you stacked CDs on top of each other to hold this much data the stack would reach 288,00 miles high.

The Internet has made getting information almost instantaneous. Multimedia makes it possible to see and hear something that is thousands of miles away, almost in real time. New technology is being replaced constantly, making it old technology. Information comes to us by cell phone, television, radio, books, magazines, advertising, newspapers, the Internet, word of mouth and other sources that you may think of.

Information saturation can drive you bananas, if you let it. We have to find a way to process all this information and prioritize what is important to us. It would be wonderful if we could just load some software into our brain that would sort out the trivial and store the good stuff? I think the trick for me is to try not to remember everything, but to find a way to look it up when needed.

Search engines are a great help, but unless you use the right key words, you can waste precious time going off on tangents and not finding what you are looking for. If you are looking for information there is a good chance someone else has looked for the same thing and documented it in an ebook or invented a piece of software. Search on ebooks and you will see a number that is usually more than 25 million. One of those probably has the answer you are looking for.