View Full Version : Why Is Okyeame Quophi Still Bitter Over The Split With Okyeame Kwame?

Pope Bitterz D'Alomo
1st August 2010, 06:38 PM
Okyeame Quophi
When Obrafour released his 'Asem Beba Dabi' track which has the controversial track 'Kaseibo', a direct dissing track to the rap doctor Okyeame Kwame, I managed to do a survey and realized that, the track received more attention and air play from Okyeame Quophi, Kwame's former partner in the rap duo Akyeame.

I said to myself, why should Quophi, a presenter on Hitz FM who was formerly with Kwame in a group which churned out hits after hits be constantly playing a track perceived as an insult to his partner? Well the cat has been let out of the bag now.

After seven years of one of the most famous splits in Ghana music industry, Okyeame Quophi, who happened to be in the group Akyeame with Okyeame Kwame has voiced out his bitterness over their split.

Last Wednesday night on Yaw Sakyi's 'Rundown' on TV Africa, tensions were raised as Okyeame Kwame sat right in the studios of TV Africa to listen to a sound bite from Quophi which described him as a lair.

In an interview, Okyeame Kwame disclosed he was completely surprised at what his former group mate said about him since the issue of their break up had been settled five years ago. They have at one point even contemplated on working out a new album togetherů

'We broke up based on ideological differences between us which meant that we were diverse in ideas and better-off as individuals and not a group'. The Ghana Music Awards 2009 'Artiste of the Year' explained.

However, Quophi had a different reason for their breakup citing Kwame to have come to Accra under the pretense of recording his brothers. Not knowing he was recording his solo album. To Quophi some lies were told and will still hold it against some one he calls his brother for such a long time.

Okyeame Kwame on the other hand explains though it is true he did not inform Quophi of his solo project earlier, but he never lied to him. Not volunteering information and denying a fact when asked are two different things.

However, Kwame confided that he did later when he felt the time was right to tell him. In addition, Kwame clarifies that he has apologized severally to Quophi through his family, friends and even on radio through DJ Black's show on Joy FM.

Whatever their reason for the split, every time I listen to an interview of both sides, one thing is evidently clear, Kwame always speaks well of Quophi ┬ as a brother while Quophi is always angry or bitter about Kwame.

So the Question GhanaCelebrities.Com wants to throw out is that, what is Quophi's bitterness all about after all these years? Don't you think as a human as we are, Quophi has every right to be bitter?..

On the other hand, ┬ if Kwame has truly gone through all these avenues to apologize to Quophi and they even contemplated recording an album together, then why is Quophi still bitter? Is it that Quophi can't handle Kwame's success in a field he so badly wants to be?

Is it a case of sour grapes or just trying to stir controversy? In your own minds, who seems to be right?