View Full Version : Ghana Marks 54th Anniversary Of Independence

25th February 2011, 10:13 PM
Ghana celebrates her 54th Independence Anniversary on the theme: “Discipline and Hardwork Essential Prerequisite for a Better Ghana”, on Sunday, March 6

Activities planned include clean-up exercises nationwide in offices, schools and communities from February 25-26 by public institutions, metropolitan, municipal and district assemblies to ensure clean environment.

On Saturday, February 25, there would be a Youth Forum at GNAT Hall in Accra to bring together the youth in institutions of learning and other organised social groups to share ideas on their role in nation building.

There would be “What Do You Know” the following day, Sunday, February 26 at the GBC Studios for the contestants to answer questions on the independence struggle, socio-cultural issues and current affairs.

Other activities are, a symposium and finals of the Schools Debate on Friday, March 4, Choral Festival and the Presidential Awards winners to schools debate competition on Saturday, March 5, and the climax on Sunday, March 6 with anniversary parade of school children at the independence square in Accra as well as the regional and district capitals.

Launching the activities in Accra on Thursday, Mr John Tia Akologu, Minister of Information, said the theme sought to remind Ghanaians of the essence of discipline, sacrifice and hardwork in the growth and development of the nation.“All nations the world over have grown and developed in strength, influence and prosperity through the hard work and sacrifice of its citizens and it is a truism that no country can survive if its citizens are docile and lazy“,he added.

Mr Akologu reiterated the call by President John Evans Atta Mills to all Ghanaians to abhor laziness and be focused in their approach to national issues that would help the Government achieve its vision of Better Ghana.
He noted that the launching coincided with one of the darkest days in Ghana’s political history, the 45th anniversary of the February 24, coup d’etat that overthrew the Government of Osagyefo Dr Kwame Nkrumah, the Father and Founder of Ghana.“This coup d’etat, I must say greatly reversed the fortunes of the country as most of the development initiatives of the Nkrumah Government were disrupted. A clear example is the Five-year development plan adopted to map out projects that were to ensure an accelerated development of the country”, he added.

Mr Akologu said: “It is sad to say that but for this coup, Ghana’s economy and other infrastructure would have seen tremendous improvement.”
He asked Ghanaians to put their trust in God and pray that never in Ghana’s history would “we countenance that abrogation of the Constitution through a coup d’etat or in whatever form”. “It is my prayer and hope that well meaning citizens of this country will re-dedicate themselves to the ideals set forth by our founding fathers through the independence struggle “,he said.

He said it was essential that all and sundry eschewed all acts of indiscipline that brought retrogression and squalor to the communities, adding “It is only hard work, discipline and commitment to duty that will facilitate the attainment of our corporate objective of nation building.” “Our country at this stage needs talented and hardworking people to remain a force in the comity of nations”, Mr Akologu said.

Source: GNA