View Full Version : Ben Brako quits music for movies

Pope Bitterz D'Alomo
25th February 2011, 05:06 PM
Has it been confirmed by entertainment pundits that the movie industry is now becoming profitable than the music industry?

This question came up for an answer due to the fact that some prominent musicians and even music promoters are gradually running away from the music industry to take solace in the movie world.

One such person who has even gone ahead to organize a movie awards for the industry is Fred Nuamah. He cut his teeth in the arts industry as a music promoter and producer, but currently, mention his name and people will be talking about movies made in Ghana.

No wonder Samini and the likes have all enjoyed stunts in the movie industry with Blakk Rasta also ready to join the band wagon. Is it attributed to the money or the fame which is making these musicians run to the movie world as men like John Dumelo and Majid Michel are enjoying?

The latest to join the movie world is ace hi-life crony Ben Brako who is known for his soothing voice. He ruled the hi-life music world some decades back and even still has what it takes to shake a music stage. Rumours have it that the fair and handsome middle aged man, Ben Brako has finally quit music for the now lucrative movie industry.

His latest work happens to come from Jalesberg movie productions in a movie titled “No Apologies” in which a chat with the director of the movie says the man will be a force to reckon with in the movie industry. “It is good to have people with the age and likes of Ben Brako to grace our movie industry because such people are not many in the industry and it will not augur well for the industry if we have only young men.

The class of Ben Brako is also needed to bring some spice in movies as there are fathers in every house.

Source: Flex