View Full Version : Eazzy Shuts Critics With“One Gal” Video!

22nd February 2011, 11:46 PM
You probably joined the train that heavily went against the “Wengeze” video, or if you were a true fan of the sexy diva, you liked it regardless.

Wherever you stood in the days of “Bo wo nsem mame” and ‘Wengeze”, it is for certain that the brand new video form the female performer would hold you spellbound.

Her first video was well received, her second, the least said about it the better, but the “One Gal” video which is yet to be officially released is definitely a masterpiece. I would take a quick swipe from the content and concept of the video to crave your indulgence and set the right platform for you to anticipate the video in high spirit.

The video stands out in more areas than one, locations were spectacular, storyline was on point and well spelt out, and characters well played, driving the video home as a classic, one that would stand for years to come most props going out to the director of the video, Sony.

Eazzy’s career has been very adventurous, as the only female in the company of men and one of the most respected in the country and on the continent; she seems to be on the right path.

From falling on stage, to becoming a superstar with just a single, the “Twinkle” star is the perfect epitome of personality and talent. The new video is the the third of the Twinkle album and promises to be a statement and a profound one for that matter.
Source: Quame Junior

23rd February 2011, 07:09 AM
Seriously if Eazzy is the best Ghana has to offer we might as well stick with our jama music.

23rd February 2011, 09:54 PM
lol Mega, she is good ok. and i wanna listen to this "one girl" music