View Full Version : I'll Blow Off Your Head...Big Scare At Atlantis FM

The Informer
21st February 2011, 12:32 AM
Hell nearly broke loose at the offices of an Accra based radio station, Atlantis radio, when a visibly incensed young man identified as Kumako, stormed there last week Tuesday and allegedly threatened to gun down the station's receptionist.

The receptionist, who gave her name as Elorm, said she was completely scared by the man's violent-disposition although he was not provoked.
"He just walked in, requested to meet one of our top DJs (disc-jockeys) and when I told him it would not be possible at that material moment, he threatened to blow up my head.

I initially did not take him serious, but I later sensed from the way he was speaking that he could be a mentally-retarded person who could become violent," she said, adding she, as well as the management of the station, was yet to make any report with the police. "It took staff of the station several minutes, to get the enraged man under control," Elorm added.

Narrating the incident to The Spectator on Tuesday, Elorm said the man walked to the station's front desk and requested to meet DJ Merqury Quaye, the host of the station's Evening Drive programme, who by then was on air.

When Elorm asked him whether he had booked any earlier appointment with the DJ, he responded in the affirmative, but when "I cross-checked with the DJ, nothing had been done to that effect, so I told him that Merqury (the DJ) was unavailable at that material moment."

She added that all of a sudden the man became angry and attempted to hold her by the neck. He then started saying that he had a meeting with the DJ and that he needed a job. Most of his effusions were incoherent, Elorm said"

"So, from this, I could conjecture that he wasn't normal and I raised an alarm for the staff available to come and deal with the situation. We didn't make any complaint to the police, but since that has come up, I think we should consider that urgently because such a person can come back at anytime, she said”.

When reached for his side of the story, DJ Merqury also confirmed the story to The Spectator and explained that since he was the person the man requested to see, "I've since tried to get in touch with him, but to no avail."

He said he had learnt from the receptionist that he (Kumako) had been to the office on three previous occasions with written letters to be given to him, but he did not receive the letters.

Source: The Spectator