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The Informer
19th February 2011, 08:19 PM
Suffering from cold in such a winter season is nothing abnormal. However it can destroy your normal activities. Sometimes just a mild cold can make you feel horrible & you get bored by having to spend time alone. The following will help you to get rid of cold & get back to your normal life.

• When it’s a mild cold then your body can permit you to continue your activities, however when it turns serious then you need to take some time off from your activities. As much you as you pull yourself it makes you more vulnerable. So stay back home & take some quality rest.

• People believe that our hands are the prime source of cold. So you need to wash your hands with some special effort, because these germs can enter into your body through mouth or eyes or nose etc. Using a hand sanitizer after washing your hands with hand soap will be quite helpful in averting germs.

• During this period you need to have lot of fresh vegetables as well as fresh fruits. These foods are rich source of various valuable nutrients, which help you to prevent your body from cold. These foods are also useful for supplying your much needed minerals, vitamins etc.

• To get rid of your congested nose you can boil some water & pour a few drops of petroleum jelly or eucalyptus oil. Now for almost 10 minutes steam your face with the mixture. Unblocked nose will also help you to get a sound sleep.

• To fight with cold you need to consume lot of fluids. It could be plain water or fruit juices or fruits etc. these will help you to kick off the toxins as well as bacteria from your body. Fluid is also important to keep your body completely hydrated.

• Taking a hot bath is always a good option to relax your body. During cold it also helps you to get rid of your congestion.

2nd March 2011, 01:41 PM
Hey guy,
You have some kind of the informative one post here and I also whenever suffer from the cold, got much tense and in very bad condition up there.... I wanna get rid of the problem soon but it takes full time to escape me out from cold... Your post is much good and nice one. Must help me and other's suffering from the cold....