View Full Version : Some Early Indications of Dementia

The Informer
19th February 2011, 08:16 PM
If you are suffering from ailments like continuously forgetting your friendís names or having problems in remembering some of your past experiences or having real difficulties while dealing with your daily routine, then it could be a mental condition called dementia. When your brain loses its orientation, memory, understanding, speaking then the condition is acknowledged as dementia. The following early indications would help you to decide your next step. It will help you to understand your condition & consult with your physician.

* You can also experience some kind of getting lost within your quite generally known areas like your work place or even your regular route etc. You can also experience conditions like forgetting your assignments or meetings etc.

* Because of dementia you will also get into problems like failure to use the appropriate words etc. However you should not mix with people when you are lacking the ability to express. They could get disturbed when itís time for performing some analytical tasks (like calculations etc.). However it doesnít mean that if your friend failed to gather the pass mark for maths then they are suffering from the same ailment.