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16th February 2011, 11:23 AM
Working on a slow PC can be very frustrating as one might end up wasting a lot of time and not getting the work done on time. This does not have to be a problem that prompts one to buy a new machine or one has to live with forever as there are various methods that can be used on the topic on how to make your computer faster like:

Removing any viruses that could have affected the machine- malware is usually very bad when it has affected the PC as one might end up losing a lot of data from these. One needs to get a powerful antivirus that will be used to ensure the machine is safe. There are very many brands that are available where one can choose the one they want to use with ease. It is important to take time when looking for such products and compare the various features they have to get the one that will work out best for them as there are some that worsen the problem. It is also important to ensure that it is updated on a regular basis to ensure it carries out its work effective.

Clear the machine- the performance of the PC is most of the time affected by the space that has been used up where one needs to get rid of all the files they are not using one of the best solutions on how to make your computer faster. One also needs to get rid of everything that is found on the recycle bin to create more space to ensure the machine performs effectively. Alternatively, one can get an external storage device to ensure the machine has enough space to handle all the work he/she has and can help himself a lot as well.

Registry cleaner- perform a registry cleaner on the machine to get rid of all the files that are not needed on the machine and boost its performance. Sometimes all one needs to do is restart the PC and they are good to go. However, when the problem persist it is usually best to call in a professional who will help you identify the problem the machine has and come up with an effective solution to ensure that everything falls in place. Only work with someone who has had experience with the machines and has the necessary training to avoid working with quacks.

ipad yours
22nd February 2011, 07:27 PM
most of the times, the problems bothering one's PC are the viruses. Considerable performance loss occurs. So a good antivirus software can save you from a lot of trouble. Personally i have used many free registry cleaners as well and found them to very useful to improve the performance of a personal computer