View Full Version : Essential Technology for Working From Home

16th February 2011, 11:15 AM
Some people work from the comfort of their own home every day of the week, while others only have to work from home due to certain circumstances, such as bad weather, family commitments or illness. Whether you fall into the first or the second category, you'll need certain gadgets to make working at home the same as working in the office.So if you're looking for important office items, here are a few suggestions to make your life a lot easier.

Home Computer

Whether it's a Mac or a PC, you'll need to have a home computer that's up to date with all the latest software, such as Word and Excel, and most importantly, a reliable and fast internet connection. This will ensure that you'll be able to send and receive emails, documents and files to your colleagues at the office quickly.


Chances are, if you have an internet connection, you'll have a phone line which can be used to keep in touch with your colleagues. But if you need to speak to more than one person at one time, such as when you can't come in for an important meeting, then a conference call system will allow you to talk to more than one person at once, no matter where they are.


Sometimes you'll need to print out important documents and correspondence for your own records, so it's a good idea to have a combined printer and scanner in your home office, which will print out and make electronic copies of papers that you can then send back to your work, This is particularly useful for documents that require a signature and need to be kept on file.