View Full Version : Steps To Protect Your PC From Identity Thieves

29th January 2011, 10:29 PM
People have come up with ways to earn money and some use methods such as identity theft to take personal and financial information and use it to their own advantage. Identity theft is currently a punishable crime in the US and other parts of the world but other countries are still unable to establish laws on identity theft which makes things more urgent for them.

Prevent identity thieves from hacking your computer by installing antivirus software and establish a firewall. These software are able to block viruses from entering your PC. Hackers usually use keylogging viruses to steal your personal details.

Companies like Microsoft and Apple provide their users with up to date versions of these softwares. If hackers can update their methods of hacking your computer, you also need to update your security system.

Important records should be stored in a folder protected by a password or it should be encrypted. Windows will allow you to create a folder and put a password on it. Make sure you use varying combinations of numbers and letters to keep security tight.

Filter all spam emails by turning on the filter option. You can easily dispose spam messages that carry malwares and viruses. Do not open a spam email even if it looks enticing from the title alone.

Safeguard your laptop by turning them off when you are not using it. Always bring your laptop with you wherever you go especially if it is loaded with personal and financial information.

Wireless networks are the best places for someone to access your laptop. They do not need cables to infiltrate your computer which is why you need to add more security features on your laptop.

Keep your password to yourself. Even if it is just your Facebook password, do not give it to someone else. You will be putting yourself at a greater risk if you do not keep your password.