View Full Version : Food Culture Part Deux

Fashion Yaa
29th January 2011, 11:52 AM
Marcus Samuelson is a Swede(adopted) of Somali parentage whose worked his way up the ladder of the culinary food chain. I first read about him in THE AFRICAN back in the late 90's and have followed him since. He's actually started to concoct an African Fine Cuisine "food think tank" if you will and traveled around Africa to develop such an idea.

Any way, untill there is such a person of Ghana decent lets just admire Marcus and dream big:rolleyes:


Fashion Yaa
29th January 2011, 12:12 PM
In the video he advocates for trade in Africa to revolutionize the culinary industry. That way the world can get to enjoy our foods the way it does now with the many sproutings of Ethiopian and South African restaurants abroad, next step it can be come part of the normal every day food that is made at home.