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The Informer
28th January 2011, 09:21 PM
Before starting a novel and you have a lot of ideas and stories in your head that you just can't wait but to let it flow is first to start an outline. How to write a novel outline? Writing a novel outline is better if you write everything in a piece of paper. List down your plot, characters and ideas, this will help organize your thoughts and will help with the continuous flow of your story. You just don't let your ideas flow and begin writing a novel because there is a tendency that you will lose the flow of the story once you start typing, sorting out first the plot and settings of the story and outlining it will work best. If you're a new novel writer it is best that you research your ideas, researching will even give you more ideas and will spark your creativity more.

Once you have outlined your story line, the best thing for you to do is get software that will assist you with your writing and will also give you more creative ideas that will definitely help you to write a good novel. If you're just in the beginning stage of your writing, don't expect too much and just feel comfortable and write your story.

Once you have the right tools for your writing, it is now time to start writing. Just write, write and write! That's all you got to do, you don't have to follow anything but just the outline you made and your ideas flowing from your mind. It is also best if you are writing in a quiet place where it is just you and your computer so you can write more and not get distracted. Make sure that all phones are off or in silent mode and devote that time for your novel writing. This way, you will be able to write a good novel and you will be more creative and more ideas will flow within you. If you get tired, give yourself a break. Maybe you can take a nap or go out for some walk to inhale refreshing air or you just can lie down and relax. You don't have to strain yourself when writing a novel, take your time and relax from time to time so you will be more at ease when it's time for you to write and continue your novel.

Lady √ Macbeth
3rd April 2011, 09:29 AM

Interesting... Are you in the process of writing one or...?