View Full Version : How to Pick a Computer - Some Things to Consider Before Purchase

28th January 2011, 09:09 PM
Computers have changed the world in more than one way. Using computers, we can stay in touch with friends and family. We can pay our utility bills, college fees, book our movie tickets and plan our business and pleasure trips. We can give exams online and earn money by doing several "work at home" jobs.

It is really a huge task to select the best computer model for our requirements. There are several choices available in the market that can confuse anyone. It is very important to select a computer that will perfectly fulfill all our needs. However, with a little research, this task should not be that difficult.

Planning is a necessary first step in order to choose a computer. The kind of computer one needs depends mostly on the purpose he or she will be using it for. If you want play games on your computer, then you will need to select a powerful computer model. If Internet surfing is your main goal, then there will be no need to buy an expensive computer but a better internet connection would be in order.

The most important things to look for in a computer are its speed and memory. The processor speed and the RAM amount both should match according you your goals. It is always a plus of course to buy a computer with a fast processor and more memory. This way you can easily multitask on the computer with less probability of a crash.

For all those who are buying computers to play games on them, the processor should be of a high speed and should have a large amount of ram, at least 4 GB. You would also need to think about how much hard disk storage they require on their computer. Also, you should invest in a good graphics processor. That would require a higher investment on your part because high end graphics cards don't come cheap.

If listening to music and downloading is what you want, then you will need to purchase a higher capacity hard drive for storage space. The internet makes it easy to download vast amounts of movies and music and you can gather a large collection of stuff in no time at all.

If you are buying a computer only to work with word documents and files, then you can manage with a hard drive capacity of a few GB, though terabyte hard disks are also cheaply available nowadays. It is true that your expense on your computer would be less if all you are looking for is simple documentation and browsing work.

One way of reducing the cost on your computer and getting something closer to your requirements is to go for a customized computer. Customizing the computer will give you the freedom to select exactly what you want. You can get your perfect computer by customizing it. There are many companies who provide this option.

In order to select the best computer available in the market, you will also need to consider what add-ons and accessories you made want. Such as an advanced speaker system or headset. There are several plus as well as minus points of these add-ons and accessories. So begin planning, set a budget and start shopping for your computer.