View Full Version : Why Opt To Have Refurbished Computers?

27th January 2011, 11:24 AM
The advent of computer opens a whole new world for the human kind. It is basically one if not the best invention that mankind have ever made. The benefits that this machine gives to man is enormous, it makes the life of many people easier and more convenient because nowadays, you can connect through out the world and communicate with your love one abroad through this technology. Banking, education has gone too far because of computers. However, the best things in life are not for free as they say and it is also true with computers this gadget is not cheap to be honest, but for those in a budget there is still hope with refurbished computers.

Refurbished computers are old model of computers which have some minor scratches and defects. Big computer companies cannot afford to sell computers with defects so what they do is evaluate the problem and restore the computer and make it a better one.

A lot of people are into buying this type of computers because it is affordable because it has been fixed manufacturer cannot sell these as new unless it is a hundred percent brand new. With the same quality as brand new and with as much as 20% off from the brand new computer people who are in a budget really opt to have this kind of machine.

The warranty that the original and brand new computers have will also apply to refurbished one, so if the new one has a one year warranty, then it will be the same with the other. When it comes to warranty, it is just like buying a new computer.

In terms with accessories this type of machine also comes with the rest of accessories that a new computer package has user manuals, power cord and other accessories are also included.

Online, there are many refurbished computers which of high quality and you can have them for a reasonable price. Compare each of the manufacturer's prices and examine the specs of the computer which you want to buy.

Having a computer at home is not a luxury anymore, it is a very useful machine which is a must have either in the office or at home. If you do not have any computer at home well it is time for you to search the internet or go to your local computer shop and seek for the best refurbished computer which you can find

Pope Bitterz D'Alomo
27th January 2011, 05:02 PM
Good you brought this up. There is the misconception that refurbs are no good or carry viruses. I owned a refurb way back in college which served me VERY well. I quite remember the company from which i purchased it upgraded it to rival the latest computer they had on the market at the time for FREE.

28th January 2011, 07:54 PM
Refurbished computers are good and quite cheap compared to the brand new counterparts. insteat of waiting to buy a ground breakkiing mouth shatterung apple notebook with yours 6 months saving, which you may eventually not buy, simply look for a good refurbished from good dealers. i bet it would serve you well.