View Full Version : Technology And Traditional Cultures - Conflict Or Not

26th January 2011, 07:39 AM
Today a great number of people commence to recognize that a lot of traditional customs and traditions tend to be losing their own charm and some of which have actually disappeared. There are many reasons as far as this phenomenon is concerned, there is an idea that the fast growth and development of technology impedes the traditional cultures. I don't agree with this concept. On the contrary, I think the development of technology is not just suitable for traditional cultures, but can advertise the development of the second one.

First of all, we must explain a concept which a number of traditional customs have got vanished not necessarily because of the progression of technologies, however, due to the globalization procedure of the whole world. Exchanges in politics, economy, and particular culture, will definitely modify our way of thinking and ways of living. For example, young people become more interested in several western festivals like Christmas and Saint Valentine's Day, while less interested in some Chinese traditional festivals. But when technology is concerned, it helps the transmission and marketing of traditional cultures. Look at the World wide web which brings the cultures around the globe before all of us, as well as our cultures prior to the world. With so many digital details online, we can just sit and enjoy the knowing associated with a lot of wonderful overseas traditions as well as customs in the planet.

Concurrently, our traditional Chinese culture is also transmitted and advertised worldwide. Moreover, modern tools provide us with a lot of vibrant and energetic methods of passing our traditional customs to foreign countries around the world. In comparison to reading ancient Chinese articles regarding Confucius, for example, various and advanced audio-video shows assist children enjoy the studying process of our own conventional lifestyle. At the same time, along with today's technology, we are able to find much more about our own traditional culture and some culture relics such as paintings or calligraphies, which have been or may be damaged or eroded in the future, can be preserved for decades and hundreds of years. Totally owing to these kinds of sophisticated technology, we can adore those masterpieces of our traditional culture.

From all the above mentioned, we are able to note that modern technology has done a huge favor for our traditional cultures. Although the breakthroughs in modern science appear to have changed people's way of thinking and ways of living, they can by no means take the place of traditional cultures. Through correctly employing the current technological accomplishments, we can certainly accelerate the development of our traditional culture, as opposed to impeding it.