View Full Version : What is your IQ?

Intellectual Pirate
25th July 2010, 05:02 AM
Those online tests are all fake. One I went on required me to log on with my email adress, even though I had never even visited the site before. When I did, it pulled up my results from the last time I took the test on the site which never occured. It said I had an IQ of 124. That's ridiculous. I never took a test and it's telling me I am in a higher than average quotient? Those tests are fake, completely fake. The true test of wit is being able to discern a real test from a fake one; and here-to-date, I justly doubt the existence of the latter.

Besides, there is controversy on the validity of real intelligence quotient tests, being as they are generally unable to test particular fundamental qualities of intelligence, such as the very cognitive process, reason, the ability to correlate dissociated knowledge (and properly so), and the ability to learn.

One cannot be too certain. Besides, it's fairly simple to outsmart the majority. Idiots do it all the time, we call them politicians.