View Full Version : Ga gods Are “Stupid” – Ayitey Powers Charges

20th June 2015, 10:58 PM
“The gods of the Ga State are stupid and have a poor sense of judgement. Where from this stupid thing…if you offend God and he wants to punish you he will directly do so and not turn his anger on others,” Ghanaian boxer, Ayitey Powers has said.

Powers's bout with boxer Bukom Banku in 2014, which broke record attendance at a boxing event in Accra, was named by the Ga Traditional Council as one of the several events which annoyed the gods during the ban on noise making.


Addressing the press on Thursday, the council maintained that previous public events including the recent Yvonne Nelson’s “Celebrity Vigil” are the main causes of Accra’s twin disaster which killed more than 150 people.

Their reason was that the gods were probably mad for desecration on the ban of drumming.

However, speaking on Kasapa FM, the “what-can-come-can-come” boxer took the Council to the cleaners saying him the council and their gods must be crazy to suggest that they flouted the traditional ban on drumming and noise making.

“I am surprised at what there are saying. Bukom called me to inform me that this is what is going on, and I asked him why didn't the gods kill us and our families...those gods they don’t think. They are stupid. Where is this stupid matter coming from?” he quizzed.

“...It doesn’t even make sense that they would want to kill people I don’t know...how would I feel the pain. Rather if they had killed someone I knew or a blood relation that would have been a good enough punishment. But how do you kill people I don’t know just like that.

“...If they know they are true gods they wouldn’t go and kill innocent people…the Traditional Council wants attention…they just want to be heard," he lamented.

Source: King Edward Ambrose Washman Addo/Peacefmonline.com/ Twitter: @Washman5/ Instagram: Washman007