View Full Version : Gun-wielding police men invade Aburi Girls

8th January 2011, 06:10 PM
Some teachers at Aburi Girls Senior High School are accusing outgoing headmistress of being behind a raid by gun-wielding police men at their bungalows last night.

The men reportedly carried AK47 assault rifles. One of teachers witnessed the incident and narrates to Joy News.

“We were teachers sitting on a pavement and some unidentified men heavily armed to the teeth with AK47 said they were looking for one teacher,” he says.

According to him, when they asked the police what the reason was for besieging the campus the response was that “the headmistress had reported that that teacher [the one they were looking for] had questioned her right to chair a staff meeting whilst she is on pension and that he should come and arrest the teacher.”

He accused the District Commander for Aburi, ASP Agyenim Boateng of masterminding the invasion.

He suspected the police might return to campus.

The Commander, ASP Agyamin Boateng told Joy News he and his men were there to effect the arrest of one of the teachers said to have engaged in heated exchanges with the headmistress during a staff meeting.

The headmistress, Sylvia Asempa however, admits she had a quarrel with one of the teachers, but denies knowledge of police presence on the campus.

Source: Joy News/Myjoyonline.com/Ghana