View Full Version : Was rick ross in a hurry to leave ghana ?

6th January 2011, 05:39 PM
http://img.modernghana.com/images/content3/204x_mg_swna61dqp3_rozay.jpgTo the displeasure and disbelief of many music enthusiasts and especially patronizers of the Rick Ross show, the man of the night had to perform early and leave the country as close sources to the organizing body have indicated. Many people who were an hour or so late missed out on the Teflon Don's performance which was actually short lived and very brief especially if measured up to the hype and the standard of such shows.

From one angle is the question of how Ghanaians treat time especially when it comes to events on the other hand is the question of why the major act of a concert has to perform so briefly and early. A press conference scheduled for the morning of the concert overlooked major

media houses and was nothing less than a flop.
The question then is did the organizing company do its homework well. We've seen major acts perform on our soil and the treat given to us by the organizers of the Rozay concert is highly unacceptable. We all saw it when Jay Z was in town, mostly these acts are the last or the pen ultimate act of the night, not the first and definitely not the second. The many people who held on to their tickets and secured places at the grounds slated for the after party were dealt a humpty dumpty joke as there was no Rick Ross at the after party.

Reliable sources have indicated that the B.M.F star had a flight due at 9pm on the night of the concert but had the flight delayed because of him. Two questions reign supreme on the mind of many: Where was Ricky going to? and why would you secure an artiste when you know he already has a different gig or would be busy on the day of your concert. Let the people be the ultimate judges.

9th January 2011, 01:53 PM
One wonders why he bothered turning up in the first place. Asem oh. Thanks for sharing mega