View Full Version : Reggie Rockstone's Double Album Now On iTUNES

The Informer
6th January 2011, 01:10 AM
Hiplife legend, Reggie Rockstone has finally put arguably one of his most sought after works on the world wide web for consumer consumption.

The ace songwriter put this up on his facebook page: "NEWS! GOOD NEWS! The most anticipated album REGGIESTRATION! is now available on iTUNES!!

DOUBLE ALBUM! Enjoy this one and own a piece of history! got a lotta my star friends on there!got some for everyone! best Christmas gift a brother could give! Y'all stuck with me on this never ending Rockstone journey and we are most grateful! praises due to Jah always!I did my part! its your turn now peace!"

The online release of the album is aimed at feeding all the hungry and desperate fans who could wait no longer to have their own copies of the album especially those outside Ghana. The Grandpapa also went the extra mile of tweeting the prices of album as it would stand in various countries. Ghana is exempted from the list because of the lack of a reliable platform for online distribution.

As indicated by Reggie when he spoke to Quame Junior, Ghana is exempted from the list due to lack of a reliable platform and hence the distribution of hard copies of the album would be the immediate fora for mainstream distribution, wherein a reliable platform would be sought for online distribution. The following are the prices as indicated on Reggie Rockstone's Twitter page:

Prices: UK - 15.99

USA -$19.99

Canada - $19.99

EU - 17.99

Japan - 3,000