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The Informer
2nd January 2011, 01:34 PM

It was an exciting night and experience, as the End of Year Hi-Life Party, put together by Hi-Life Festival with the able support of Joy 99.7 FM, at the Poolside of the Alisa Hotel ended with a blast.

A night of magic, yes magic and good music! Imagine the former president John Agyekum Kufuor declaring to one of the Masters of Ceremony for the night, Nathaniel Attoh, (the other was Gyedu-Blay Ambolley) that he does not see himself dancing because he didn’t come with his dancing shoes.

Constantly, this noble gentleman, who was among the countless number of personalities, could be seen waving his hands, nodding his head or tapping his feet to the great sounds oozing from the stage and speakers.

Obviously he was enjoying himself but one could hardly believe that the former first gentleman could easily be swayed to the magic unfolding on stage.

That magic got everyone, I think with the exception of the former president who thought he was hiding to his earlier statement; everyone else was up and dancing.

The venue was parked and the acts for the night were also hot; they all in their own ways have records to prove and the former president also had a jinx to break because the dancing floor was calling.

Frank Mensah, Thomas Frempong, Jewel Ackah, Kofi B and KK Kabobo, now Rev KK Kabobo, all came in after the other and yes they did rock. The ex-president was having a good time smiling to good memories and tunes.

...And Kufuor danced

And finally the magician came. The great Papa Yankson broke the jinx…he really did cast a spell on the former president. Kufuor was lost…he couldn’t hold it any longer but to dance. One could wonder, was it the special dedication Papa Yankson did for him? Whatever it was, the man was dancing.


His appearance on the dance floor took everyone by surprise, none saw it coming. It was the loud cheers that drew attention to his presence on the dance floor and man, the few minutes he spent on the dance floor, he did dance. Earlier, Kufuor had expressed his love for hi-life music saying, “I love it, I deem it, that is my music.” Surprisingly even though he initially said he wasn’t going to dance, one man openly said he will gladly give him his woman to dance with. The music and performances on the night were constantly inviting. One could not help but sing, dance, tap his or her feet or even move any part of the body.

Legends came to party.


Frank Mensah Pozoh who had five albums to his credit started the artistes’ performances for the night preceding that was the guitar magician Arkah Blay who needs no introduction. Arkah Blay backed by the band for the night tickled the local-jazz fantasies of audience.

Frank’s identity was not fully known until his first song, Susubiribi…ansana da boni na duru unmasked his identity. Frank was the lead vocalist for the late Tommy Wiredu. He followed that first with Checki woabrabo, Ensu Nyame ye and the smash hit Fa odo bo domu which he did with Tommy Wiredu.

Thomas Frempong also brought back memories. He did Abano ma, Odo pa, Ama and Dammabi.

The Nzema Berry White, Jewel Ackah was something else. It’s been a while since this man performed and one could see that he was defying age to be youthful and alive again. One could not forget his fling with the ex-president Kufuor declaring he will forever be his man.

That statement did raise a few eyebrows and he had to clear the air that his affiliation to the former first family (Kufuor and the wife) goes way back before Kufuor ascended the presidency of the land.

The somewhat youthful twist to the show, Kofi B was on point with his Mobrowa, Afia Donkor, Yaw Dompre and Akua Ataa, the dancing audience couldn’t resist; they were just on fire.


KK Kabobo, now Rev KK Kabobo, looked fresh and youthful on stage, the Nyati Nyati girl singing was on his rocking templates again jumping and dancing throughout his performance. He performed known hits such as Oseifo, Nyati Nyati, Onyame Ehuwo and My Sweet love.

The last act, Papa Yankson, who got the former president dancing not only at his corner but on the main dance floor, did end the show memorably and remarkably.

He set off his performance on a well-wishing note singing Afihyiapa and when he finished laying the foundation, he dished out Show your love, Se enyi ma ye a (me nsei me din), Okukuseku and Onyame Nadom.

This was the best way one could end the year…a perfect recipe for a joyful 2011.

Story by Ernest Dela Aglanu/Myjoyonline.com/Ghana