View Full Version : Woman Spends 3 Weeks With Dwarfs……And Banned From Sex

31st December 2010, 07:55 AM
Thirty-three-year old Maame Abena Kwakyewaa, a native of Akim Pameng near Kwabeng in the Eastern Region, who was said to have been missing, was spotted at a cemetery after having reportedly spent 21 days with her captors – dwarfs.

The woman was said to have been found speechless and could not be moved by anybody until one Nana K, a fetish priest at Koforidua, the Eastern Regional capital, was called to perform some rituals.

According to her husband, Yaw Aboagye, who confirmed the incidents of his wife’s disappearance and reappearance, the said towards the end of November this year, when he returned home around 9:00am from a journey, he found the door to his room still locked, implying that his wife was still asleep.

To his utter surprise, when he tried opening the door, he realised it was firmly shut and had to apply maximum force to break it open.

Yaw Aboagye continued that his wife was not in the room but rather found her beads, underwear, mashed yam (eto), three eggs and three fresh leaves with perfumed powder. The powder, he said, had been sprinkled everywhere in the room. According to him, the chief and elders of the village were informed about eh incident and it was later that various mediums were consulted.

It them came to light that dwarfs had taken the woman into the spirit would.

He claimed he was so happy to have seen his wife again, especially realizing the unique powers given her by the dwarfs to cure all kinds of diseases, adding that on December, 23 a grand durbar to outdoor his wife saw the woman conjuring mobile phones, clothes, watches and other items to the crowd that went to catch a glimpse of the resurfaced woman, having been dressed like a fetish priestess.

Recounting her personal contact with the dwarfs and the kind of treatment she went through, Maame Abena Kwakyewaa said the place she was sent to, had no semblance of day and night as there was always day light saying, “You could see human beings in the physical world going about their normal lives form where the dwarfs live.”

She said she was pampered and given any thing she wanted to eat, including corned beef, milk, banana and other delicacies, adding that there was always merry making among the dwarfs.

According to her, the dwarfs bathed her in a river without seeing herself wet and that it was after about 21 days when they realized that she was nearing her menstrual period – that her hosts brought her back to her village, after forbidding her form having sexual intercourse for two years.

When Kwakyewaa’s husband was asked by this reporter to comment on the two-year sexual ban, he said he could not stay that long without having any affair with her wife and had therefore pleaded with the dwarfs through some fetish priests, and the period for the ban had been reduced to eight months.

Source: New Crusading Guide/Ghana