View Full Version : Nigerian & Ghanaian Men Scared Of Loving Me Ė Yvonne Nelson

6th March 2015, 12:54 AM
Ladies tend to forget that they were not created to be equal with men. A man can be arrogant and once he makes money, he can marry the woman he wants, young or old. But same doesnít apply to ladies.

Beautiful actress, Yvonne Nelson has join the league of ladies who are complaining that men are intimidated by her success. While speaking on KSMís Show on Metro TV, Yvonne Nelson said:


ďThis year Iím a secondary virgin Iím just trying to concentrate on my career. Iím not in a rush; I donít want to marry today and divorce tomorrow because it happens a lot in the industry. Marriage is a beautiful thing but it has to be right. I donít want to let my mom down, I want to make her and myself happy.

ďMost Ghanaian and Nigerian men are intimidated; most often when itís age appropriate; then they think Iím doing better than them and that Iím going to be bossy and control them around. Those around my age are bothered that Iím an independent lady. That has always been the problem.Ē

Source: ghanavibes.com