View Full Version : Mzbel back again with controversial song - 'Legelege'

5th December 2014, 08:40 AM

Sexy female singer Mzbel returns with a new jargon, ‘legelege’ which is said to be a talk of town; this information was disclosed on her website; www.mzbelmusic.com.

The female singer who introduced ‘Yopoo’ some years back and swept Ghanaians off their feet with her wow performances is looking at breaking her own record with this new jargon ‘Legelege’.

‘Legelege’ in literal terms means something very thin or small. The site which has reflections of her pictures from her instagram page @mzbemusic has leashed traces to what we think relates to her controversial jargon.

Our source close to the singer told us that Mzbel known in real life as Nana Ekua has also been seen having studio sessions with one sound engineer called King Dee and it is believed that probably the new jargon might be a new single’.

The jargon is not a new word among the people in the GA traditional areas or for any Ghanaian who speaks the GA language but in this contest Mzbel is using it differently but as to what it actually means our source could not tell us.

The source maintained that it will be better to hear the meaning of the jargon from the horses own mouth but when unveiled it will surely become a house hold jargon which will be used frequently especially this Christmas and New year festivities.

According to the source Mzbel is so particular about the jargon so much that she actually maintains a hash tag on all her social media pages to get fans so curios

One thing she did tell us was that if the said single is ready for release Ghanaians and her fans should expect a huge come back.

Well, we would not necessary say she is coming back because the female singer has been around and is still very active in the music business but musically yeah we will say that the single will be tagged as a comeback song.

Our team is on the move in finding out from Mzbel what the meaning to the jargon is and whether the said song is her come back to active music after birth.

Well, we leave it to you to judge but believe us we will send you update as to when she finally agrees to openly disclose what she means by ‘Legelege’.

For now I am itchy as you are in finding out the details of the song (hopefully) but for more information about the singer fans can visit www.mzbelmusic.com.