View Full Version : BBA Eviction: “Nigeria's Rep. Shocked Africa Kicked Her Out

1st November 2014, 03:12 PM
Lilian, Esther and Sabina have been booted out of the BBA house.

After Africa voted, the three received the least votes out of the lot.

Lilian happens to be the first Nigerian to be booted out of BBA at such and early stage. She told IK she was “shocked Africa decided to kick” her out but said it was okay, she “will be fine” and continue “twerking” all her life.

The sexy Ugandan, Esther, said she loves Africa and stands by their decision. Biggie is likely going to miss his Diary room moments with the delectable Esther.


Strong and beautiful Esther seemed to be the biggest casualty of Sunday’s eviction show. Contrary to the original plan to have two housemates evicted, Biggie announced he wanted one more housemate out.

Sabina who fell third in line with the least votes had to be given the chase. She told IK the only thing she “regrets” about her journey is being kicked out of the competition.

“The only thing I am thankful for right now is I get to go back to my baby.”nThe comedienne had been missing her seven month old baby all week.

The next eviction show will be held on Sunday October 26.

source: peacefmonline.com