View Full Version : “Stop Living Your Lives On Twitter And Instagram”

12th October 2014, 10:47 AM
Publisher of Genevieve Magazine, Betty Irabor, was recently on Twitter, to advise celebrities on how best to manage their marriages.

Irabor, who is the founder of ‘The Pink Ball Cancer Benefit’ says celebrities should try to keep their union private, and away from media scrutiny.

She also advised Nigerian celebrities to stop living their lives on social media.
“Celebrity couples should stop living their lives on twitter and Instagram; it’s ok in the real world for couples to disagree”, Irabor wrote.

Irabor and her husband, veteran broadcaster, Soni Irabor have been married for a long time, and recently celebrated their 31st anniversary in July.

She further tweeted thus:

“The media puts too much pressure on celebrities and their private lives, no wonder celebrity marriages are crumbling like a pack of cards.

“But if celebrity couples are true to themselves and are not playing out a script, they can make their marriages work, regardless.

“The media is too harsh on celebrities! Celebrity couples sometimes deserve what they get when all they do is take each other to the cleaners on the social media. Marriage is for grown ups!!”

Source: Dailypost.ng