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3rd October 2014, 07:00 PM
Pretty songstress Rebecca Acheampong, also known as Becca, yesterday told the World Cup Commission probing the Brazil 2014 fiasco that she was not used.

Justice Senyo Dzamefe and his team of commissioners inquired whether she did not feel used for performing in Brazil without charging a dime.


In her response, Becca pointed out that the Brazil (Natal) platform rather offered her a unique opportunity to market ‘brand Ghana’ as well as herself, culminating in an invitation to return for a show dubbed, ‘Festival of Rio’.

Becca, one of the Brazil 2014 World Cup ambassadors, however admitted that she and the other envoys pocketed $3,750 ($250 daily) as per diem for their 15-day stay in South America.

She revealed that she performed on two occasions and described the two live outdoor shows as mind-blowing and awesome, which she used as a conduit to sell Ghana.

Responding to how she fared by way of performance after putting up a show as a professional without charging anything, she said “…Not at all; I was not used. I did not receive anything for performing. I did my very best. I succeeded in selling Ghana in Brazil; it was good.

“I made a lot of contacts, one resulting in me returning to Brazil to perform at the Festival of Rio. I was chosen as an ambassador on merit.”

Commissioner Kofi Anokye Owusu Darko offered Becca who came in the company of her parents — an opportunity to clear any rumours she deemed needed be responded to.

But the Commission’s Chairman overruled his colleague’s question saying, “No, no, I don’t want you to answer that. It is not part of why we invited you here. I am sorry, Commissioner Kofi, for overruling your question.”

Becca was accused of having an amorous relationship with one of the players of the Black Stars during the World Cup. It was obvious therefore, that that was what Mr Kofi Anokye Owusu Darko was referring to.

Source: Kofi Owusu Aduonum