View Full Version : Fennecís Wife Rejects Money From His Family

4th September 2014, 12:44 AM
It is really sad that after the gruesome murder of industry stalwart, Fennec Okyere, observers and loved ones are yet to hear any good news concerning the once affable, ebullient and blunt personality.

The Ghana Police are yet to find any meaningful leads on the murder case, the family of the deceased are still waiting to get closure on the matter, industry players are in limbo over the case, the wife and kid are still hurting over the loss of their bread winner and most unfortunately, there’s still bad blood between his family and the wife.


Information reaching 'Razz' newspaper indicates that at the time Fennec would have celebrated his 31st Birthday, the family made a gesture by presenting a cheque of an undisclosed amount of money to the bereaved wife, Amarkie.

Amarkie is said to have rejected the gesture from the family, returning the cheque to the family, and seemingly not wanting anything to do with the family.

Her reaction is quite understandable considering the infamous decision of the family to openly reject her as wife of Fennec, ostracizing her from the funeral arrangements, barring her from attending the funeral and questioning her fidelity in the media.

Speaking to an Uncle of Fennec, he confirmed that the family made that gesture of presenting the money to Amarkie and it was rejected.

“We recognize that we have a grandson and it is our responsibility to take care of the kid. When Fennec was alive, he took good care of the kid and we wish to do same. We simply can’t forget the welfare of the kid,” he said.

He also explained that there is no major issue between Amarkie and the families as the two parties are working feverishly to resolve whatever differences exist between them.

“It is our wish that issues to do with Fennec and his family is not discussed in the media. We really want his name to rest,” he pleaded.


On the reasons assigned by Amarkie for the rejection of the money, he explained: “I hear it is her wish that the two families actually sit down to talk on certain issues before such gestures can take place and indeed, the two families will meet and resolve issues.”

Source: Razz