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29th August 2014, 12:40 AM
News went round that Deniece Williams, a former member of the defunct girl’s group, RnM, after her deliverance at the Synagogue Church of All Nations last year, would become a gospel musician but she has revealed in an interview with Showbiz last Tuesday that she is not a gospel musician.

“I do not want to be stereotyped as a gospel artiste because Ghanaians have a certain perception about gospel artistes. They are expected to dress in a certain way, wear long dresses and live a particular kind of life and I do not want that.


“I have come to the realisation that, our God is not a boring God. You can still be a Christian, a true worshipper of God and still have fun and still look cool. What I know the Bible frowns upon is you exposing certain parts of your body which I used to do before but I have stopped.

“I can say, I am the coolest Christian you can ever find. I am a Christian who dresses decently and the fact that I’m a Christian does not mean I can’t enjoy life,” she said.

Commenting on the things that have changed in her life after her deliverance at T.B. Joshua’s Synagogue Church of all Nations in Nigeria, Deniece said; “so many things have changed since my encounter with God. I see things in a different light now, I understand life better now in the sense that I know we will not be here forever. I do not smoke again. I do not drink again and it has made me healthier now and I sleep very well.

“At first, I was going through a lot of depression. I thought I was confident but after the deliverance, I realised that my confidence was under the influence of alcohol but now I have stopped and I am confident like never before.”

Asked if she has any regret about the fact that the kind of life she had or was living came out in the public domain, she said; “I do not have any regret at all because what I went through was the best thing that had ever happened to me. The deliverance meant a lot to me and I will do it over and over again. I didn’t know the source of my problems.

“The curious thing is, I did not go there thinking that would happened. I actually went there secretly and when the transformation took place, I did not care about the outside world. Now I have no secrets to hide, the people know my story and I’m not ashamed of giving my life to Jesus Christ.

“Why would I be ashamed and regret giving my life to someone who created the world I live in. I live a life of favour because I know who I am now and I am proud to be a child of God,” she said.

Deniece said even though she regretted the kind of life she lived before her deliverance, she is convinced that everything happened for a reason and so she had no regret for living the kind of life she lived.

“I believe there is reason why certain things happen in our lives and I do not regret my past because they made me who I am today. I used to say yes, I regret for not seeing the light early but if all those terrible things did not go on in my life, I wouldn’t have been delivered and I wouldn’t have been close to God like I am now. Now I can talk to people using my life experiences as examples,” she said.

After her long break, Deniece is out with her first single titled Fashion Killa which was produced by Magnom. The song is about Deniece seeing herself as the boss when it comes to fashion.

Fashion Killa has a hiphop flavour and she is heard singing, rapping and telling people that when it comes to fashion, she is the queen.

She talks about how she spends money to purchase bags, shoes, shades and dresses from expensive brands like Prada, Louis Vuitton, Gucci and does not see any chick hotter than her.

Commenting on the song, she said, “I know I am the same person who said we should not follow things of this world but I love dresses and I still stand by what I said. You can be a Christian and still look classy, fabulous and be fashion oriented but in a decent way. It is just about me telling people about my love for fashion.”

Born Deniece Williams to a Ghanaian father and a Liberian mother, she grew up in America. She is passionate about music, loves cooking, loves fashion and has plans of going back to school to study business and finance.

Source: graphic showbiz