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28th August 2014, 12:39 AM
I was barely a teenager when I first stepped foot in what’s today known as the International Central Gospel Church’s Christ Temple at Abossey Okai. It was a regular service. I was curious about the church.

The fact that some friends with whom I worshipped at the Presbyterian Church had switched camps made me more curious.

The concept of charismatic churches was relatively new then. The likes of Central, Lighthouse, Victory Bible Church, and Royal Gospel were just about the few notable ones. The service that day was like Presby’s, save the fact that there were no hymns.

That was about two decades ago. Many people are yet to come to terms with the church’s massive transformation. A vast branch network, a world-class university among other investments, this is uncharacteristic of a church barely a generation old.

I remember watching Dr. Mensa Otabil on Living Word every Sunday evening on TV3. He’s the type of preacher who uses Biblical references to challenge his members to push through whatever barriers they are encountering.

His style of preaching does not find favour with some people, who have proceeded to call him all manner of names. That’s okay. It happened to Jesus as well.


What truly got to the critics of Dr. Otabil are his vast branch network and the world-class university he’s built.

Just last week a young man named Sam George decided to take on the ICGC General Overseer for criticizing government’s response to the economic crisis we are in. Some of these attacks from the ruling party are expected, particularly when you have a government that’s more responsive to criticisms than solving pressing issues.

Ordinarily, I don’t devote time to people like that NDC communicator. But others have also questioned the man’s standing and poured vituperations on him. “Dr. Otabil is not a pastor but a motivational speaker,” someone said. Others described him as a businessman masquerading as a pastor.

In any case what did Mensa Otabil say that hasn’t been said already? Demanding a new leadership response? Is that not why government had the Senchi Economic Forum? That the economy is in crisis is nothing new. As if the IMF officials invited here are coming to a feast and a banquet.

A family friend, who is a contractor, told me of a contract he executed for government that was worth GH˘30 million, or approximately US$15million, two years ago. When he was paid recently, the GH˘30 million owed him was only worth about US$8million. Where did the US$7 million go? That is one small example of the deterioration of our economy.

I want to see our clergy do more of what Dr. Otabil did. They must cherish fearless honesty, as said in the national anthem. They must not let the acidic tongue of political neophytes to cow them into silence. They must speak for the voiceless. Always.

But Sam George’s comments got me thinking real hard. Dr. Otabil’s ministry has impacted perhaps a lot of people more than this government could. His singular role in nation building is unrivalled by anybody in this government. If he’s a businessman, so be it.

Imagine, if all the churches in Ghana had businessmen like Dr. Otabil, do you know the number of Central Universities we would have had? Mensa Otabil’s legacy speaks for him. Anybody who’s got a problem with it must deal with it.

This government would do us a world of good if it responded to the crisis we’re in the same way it reacts to criticisms. However, if it unable to deliver the public goods, but wants to responds to public criticisms, it should not unleash people of Sam Georges’ ilk on us. We don’t deserve this.

It’s very annoying that he’s actually expecting Dr. Mensa Otabil to respond to his whimpers. The dude must surely be pushing his luck. We are tired of all these people who have rode on the back of insults heaped on elders into political relevance. Enough of that.

Lest I forget, I have nothing against this government nor Sam George. I am only calling for a proper use of my taxes. Nobody can live off my sweat and expect me to tolerate his nonsense. That will be slavery. Absolutely no!

If we are ever going to develop, we need to deal with our problems in a mature way with mature minds. All these young politicians won’t make a case for the youth if they continue in this manner. Sorry for the strong language, but sometimes it’s necessary to make your point when your boat is being rocked violently.

I will say no more.

I’m out.

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28th August 2014, 10:03 AM
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