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28th August 2014, 12:09 AM
Itís clear that women care more about how they dress than men do. A manís lack of interest in his appearance can totally turn off a woman. Look guys, there are some mistakes that we can let slide, but some are down-right deal breakers. Here are some things you didnít notice you were doing wrong, and maybe some you did but just didnít notice the severity.

*Socks that don't match your outfit

Socks are more important than any man realizes. We'll visit this topic several times. You're on the way to your office, dressed in your finest suit, but under those paints you're hiding a pair of white calf-length Champions. (by the way, don't wear Champions, unless your prepubescent). Your orange argyle socks go perfectly with that lavender fitted shirtÖ.right? Come on guys, pull it all together.


*Mismatched socks

One black with a green stripe, one black with a blue stripe. Sometimes, one white, one black. Seriously? You'd be surprised how often your socks show during the day. What about when you sit or cross your legs, those pants ride up and BAM: your one nike and one adidas are shown to the worldÖand people notice. All this shows is your laziness.

*Your idea of "dress up"

I'm sorry but putting on your golf shirt and your khakis is not dressing up. Neither is always resorting to Ralph and his reliable polos. Throw on a tie under a slight V-Neck and match with tailored slacks. Your girl doesn't "dress-up" in American Eagle jeans and a cable knit sweater does she (by the way if she does, say goodbye)?

*Socks with sandals:-

There's no description needed here. The classic sin most men make; Jesus would be disappointed.

*Short ties

I cannot emphasize the hideousness of a short tie. If that bad boy doesn't reach your belt, get ready to be made fun of at a party. You are making yourself look heavier. Either tie it correctly or don't shop in the boys section.

*Untailored suits

I understand it is very expensive to have a tailored suit, however I do believe every man should try and have one. But seeing a man in a suit that is clearly not his size tells me one of two things: a. you borrowed this because you're cheap; b. you're an idiot.

*Not refreshing your wardrobe

This is one of the biggest mistakes men make; you wear the same clothes year after year. While this is great because you're not spending a lot of money, it becomes embarrassing. If your friends know every shirt you have, or can predict what you're going to wear, you've got problems. Purchase five or less items a month; it'll save money but expand your wardrobe quicker than you think. Not caring about your clothes shows females you probably don't care about much.

*Type casting yourself

Basically, don't wear the same style all the time. I hate to bring up Ralph again, but don't only wear Polo or only one color, or that guy who only wears argyle. Because it's boring. It's so boring. And thats how women will take it.

*Holes and rips

It's not okay to wear a tee shirt with a hole in it, or a sock, or those pants that are too long and are frayed on the bottom. Because we will stare at it. And become obsessed with it.

*Fishing shirts

Oh wow did you just go fishing?" "No." "Oh, so you're just a complete tool?"

*No belts

Do you enjoy pulling your pants up all day? I didn't think so.

*Matchy matchy

This goes for all ages, all sexes. Matchy Matchy is hideous! Socks with a tie is golden, but additives are ridiculous. Don't match the belt, the pocket square, the shirt, and so on. You're spending so much time putting this outfit together just to get made fun of.


Know when to wear one and when to not. Don't wear a wife beater with a white button down. Don't wear crew neck undershirts with a V-Neck. There are so many ways to screw this up. As much as you might hate the idea, stick with a slight V-Neck undershirt. You'll still get the comfort and protection but not the ugly bacon wrinkled collar hanging out.

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28th August 2014, 12:49 PM
Fashion mistake of women no. one is definitively: long finger nails. Say: "claws". Nothing looks more ugly than long fingernails. Women, you're not cats, lions, leopards or other lizards. Long overnatural fingernails - natural or artificial - are the no. one things to avoid. Nothing looks better than neatly cut, clean natural fingernails. Reading her fingernails says more about any woman than anything else. First I look anywhere .. but I always look at her fingernails. Men, you can read everything about a woman from a look at her nails.