View Full Version : Opanka, Guru to release 'Brother' on August 15

8th August 2014, 02:21 PM
The NKZ and Wentie wobe tie rappers are teaming up to console each other from the bad experiences they both have encountered with girls who took their kindness for 'family' regard is all set to do away with the 'Brother' zone on August 15, 2014.

Opanka featuring Guru titled their debut collabo song, 'Brother' Zone giving reasons that describing an opposite sex person as a 'brother' or 'sister' from another mother is the most dangerous zone or situation anybody especially guys can find themselves wanted.


Especially when the mind is fixed on a lady who they find attractive and would want to be in a relationship with rather regard them as brothers that blocks their chance of taking a bold step to propose unlike the least chance to get to date these female friends when they introduced to as a 'Friend'.

According the rappers, the song, 'Brother'; is the Ghanaian version of 'Friend-zone'.

The 'Brother' Concept

Opanka has been through experiences worse than being in a Friend-Zone relationship coincidentally meets Guru in Dr. Ray and Epraim's abode, who also finds himself in a similar situation.

They join heads to seek explain the issue to Ephraim in a booth saying; "we have several times found ourselves with girls we wanted to be in a relationship with and would go the extra mile to ensure all their needs requested are provided for them.

When we feel all set, and our actions have been well noticed and understood to yield a positive respond to our proposals; these girls would intentionally introduce and refer to as their 'Brother' 'rapping us with excuses like "You know I see you like my Brother' and also "That's why you are my sweetest bro" respectively.

Simply insinuating that 'Brothers' and 'Sisters' cannot date, therefore, shutting our dreams of dating them to maintain the 'Brother' zone affair," the rappers lamented on a danceable tune.

Doing what they do best as always, 'Brother' by Opanka featuring Guru is produced by Dr. Ray and mixed by Ephraim.

The song is set for release both online and radio on August 15, 2014. Follow Opanka on Twitter: @OpankaGH and on Facebook: Opanka for more updates.

source: Ghanaweb