View Full Version : THE BIG QUESTION: The Art Of Relationship Jealousy, Who Wears The Crown? The Man Or The Woman?

3rd August 2014, 12:50 PM
The above screenshot was shared by a friend on facebook and it could be that it is not from a real life event—probably created for a laugh but it carries a certain message worth a discussion.


The emotional state of jealousy does not only rise out of negative thoughts but also strong feelings of insecurity, fear, and anxiety as to the propensity to loss something valuable—in this case personal relationship or connection.

Both men and women have the propensity to be jealous because no sex is jealous-proof but since jealous rides on emotional state and effectively operates when the emotion is fragile, I believe women are more jealous compared to men when it comes to relationships.

But mostly, the art of jealousy of a woman is justifiable or certain factors trigger that—even if these factors are far from the assumptions upon which the jealousy is formed.

Based on my life experience, the women I have come across have always been more jealous compared to the men, but I do not attribute this to insecurity or anxiety, rather the general state of the woman’s emotion.

Therefore, I will say, women wear the jealousy crown and more often than not, their art of jealousy rest on unfounded grounds.

Out of your own relationship dealings or that of others, who do you think wears the jealousy crown in relationships and why?

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18th August 2014, 12:00 PM
ho ho ho ... this is no joke, but a well known reality and my very personal experience with some women (not all). For her it is more acceptable if you are loosing your leg rather than she is loosing you to paula. The reason for jealousy is the look of posession.There are ecnomic factors involved, it has less to to with love or passion, most with material situations.

18th August 2014, 12:01 PM
Such women want to own you even if you're completely legless.