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3rd August 2014, 01:30 PM
In recent times, the most trending thing on social media is sex-tapes among the youth. Sex-tapes has been in the system for quite a long time now, with even celebrities getting involved both in Africa and the diaspora.

There has been sex-tapes of Eve, Kim Kardashian, Ray J, Hilton, Pokello, etc. but something that started as a little fun between two consenting adults in the confinement of their bedroom ends up in the public domain, followed by ridicule and taunting. Some innocent women who didnít expect it and couldnít withstand it ends up committing suicide, while others end up making money out of it, but the same cannot be said for sex-tapes in Ghana.


In Ghana, sex-tapes will haunt you till eternity because the moment it hits the internet, it will be there till your grandchildren grows to see it, thatís why you need to be very cautious before even attempting to film a sex-tape, because the ridicule and taunting will daunt your image for a very long time not like in the states where people become famous for doing sextapes. The first sex-tape to ever hit the nation is still on the internet, still roaming on ---- sites. It can easily be downloaded.

If itís an agreement between the two of you to tape it and watch and if youíre ready to bear the consequences when it hits the internet and youíre brave enough to stand your grounds no matter how far it goes, then you can go ahead and record it, but if you cannot stand or not ready for the consequences when it hits the internet, then donít try it at all, because the moment itís recorded, either on a cell phone, laptop, iPad, camera, etc. thereís a high possibility of it hitting the internet even if itís DELETED.

What weíve noticed is that most women who are involved in sex-tapes are naive but same cannot be said of their male counterparts since you sometimes find them blocking or hiding their faces in the video, which means they are aware and knows what they plan to do with it. Some men are naive too who had no evil intention for the video but it ends on the internet anyway and sometimes they donít even know how, thatís why this article aims to point out why itís a bad idea to record it at all in the first place.

Because it clearly shows that most people do not understand how the internet works and thinks itís safe. Security in the world of technology is not guaranteed and everything youíre being told about how secured it is, are all an illusion. If youíre on any social media network, you should know and accept it that, someone can monitor you 24/7 if you become their point of interest.

Weíve seen a lot of people being arrested through their facebook account and all that. And when sex-tapes hit the internet, you find girls commenting like, ďI will never allow any man video meĒ, Yes! you wonít if he tells you, what if he doesnít, how do you prevent it. Cameras are hidden everyday.

Sex-tapes are booming in the ---- industry these days and so just in case you donít know, if someone makes videos and pictures of you in that uncompromising situation, he could be making money at your detriment.

The point is, we need to first of all understand how the internet works, especially the ladies. To do this, we will like to explain it as basic as we can and so if youíre an expert in this area, donít assume we will give a technical expertise on this, so accept what we have, what is needed is the concept.

The internet works like a stream of river flowing from an uphill to a lower point, that is, from one point to another, from the sender to the recipient. Anything sent through the internet be it, video, pictures, messages, etc travels in the form of Zeros and Ones (0 1) which is known as the machine language, before itís translated into the language you understand and so it goes through a process and during that process, we have experts who can dip in with sophisticated softwares and retrieve any information before it gets to the recipient and they are popularly known as HACKERS.

Like I stated, it travels like how a river flows and so just a like river, if someone is sitting at the bank of a river and you drop a shoe in the river from one point and heís sitting at the middle and the shoe is passing, with a stick or with the aid of any tool, they can retrieve the shoe as it passes and can decide to use it for whatever they want and after using can decide to throw it back into the river or throw it away.

When they throw it back into the river, it can still get to itís destination but by then the hacker has already retrieved any information on it and can make a copy. If he doesnít throw it back into the river, that means it will not get to itís destination, thatís why sometimes someone sends you something and it never gets to you and you tell them to resend.

So Why are we saying all this? This means anytime you send ---- pictures of yourself to your boyfriend, even through a private line, sorry itís in the public already. Any good hacker can dip in and take that picture and use it for whatever they want. So never take ---- pictures of yourself not to talk of sending it someone.

Secondly, you should know that technology has advanced so much to the extent that there are all types of softwares for almost everything. Even if you delete or format your harddrive, pendrive, memory chip etc. the information can still be retrieved. The moment it hits the drive, thereís no turning back and so if you sell your phone or whatever gadget you used for the recording and even if you deleted all the files or even formatted it, there are softwares that can be used to retrieve all lost files.

Sometimes when they are retrieved, some of it seems broken, which means if itís a video, it appears distorted but donít be happy about that, thereís a software for that too, which can correct it and make it very clear. Donít ever think you can store your videos in a folder and password it and nobody can get to it, itís easy to retrieve your password, thereís something known as decrypting.

So now the question remains, how do you avoid being sextaped, donít record it at all, thatís the only safest way to avoid it, thereís nothing fun about it, you donít gain anything. Donít ever send any videos or ---- pictures of yourself to anybody even if heís your husband, someone can retrieve it.

But in the case of the ladies, men can be cunning and can hide cameras or mobile devices in obscure places to record what you do. What we can say is, be observant, if you ready want to have sex with him, take your time and scrutinize the room especially from the angle he wants to make love to you because recording devices are placed at angles that can record everything clearly.

If he informs you he wants you to record it so you delete it later, just say NO! because these days, even a simple cloud software such as Dropbox can be configured to store videos and pictures directly to the cloud drive the moment the picture is taken or video is recorded, this means when a picture is taken, a copy goes to the dropbox software which is a drive sitting somewhere and not on the device being used, a copy remains on the device being used and so even if he gives you the drive to delete it yourself, he can still go to retrieve the copy on the cloud drive.

Notwithstanding, he can still retrieve the deleted file by using a software, no matter the circumstances, youíre not safe, so just be vigilant, also if you about having sex and the laptop is on, probably playing music or with a movie on and placed opposite where the Ďactioní is about to take place, thatís suspicious. Watch out because he could be recording everything through the webcam by minimizing the video, to prevent it just shut down the laptop, you can also observe by looking at the webcam on the laptop, thereís always a red light on beside the camera when itís recording.

But if you enjoy doing it with him and donít care like I said earlier, you can go ahead and record. My advice is, it will be better to just be in ---- because with that youíre assured of a big fat salary at the end of the show than stupidly recording yourself for someone to watch for free.

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