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24th July 2014, 04:31 PM
Afena ne )w) (The longsword and the snake)

In the year 2500, Ghana declared an all-out war against crime. To achieve this, the military, intelligence agencies and the police service were integrated into one formidable body known as the Afena. Under the leadership of Owusuwaa, the supreme commander, over 15,000 arrests were made by Afena by the hour throughout the nation as the miltary and police units stormed hideouts andthe Bureau of National Intelligence detected and tracked criminal networks.

On a cold Monday morning in Cape Coast, Captain Pokuaa stormed a five star hotel wiht the police unit of the Afena shooting down several white clad men and women with tranquiliser darts. She crouched behind a wall as a hulking figure shot at her with two submachine guns.

She tossed two flashbang grenades around the wall, stuck two fingers into her ears and waited. There was a large flash of light in the corridor that blinded the attackers followed by a deafening bang that also left the disorientated. They barely reacted as Pokuaa and her women took aim and fired at them.

As she cuffed them, she took a head count and made a phonecall. In a dark room filled with several monitors covering each angle of the hotel, a woman with thick braided hair took out mobile phone from her trouser pocket. 'No, Pokuaa, they're not in the building anymore' she said. 'Let me contact our agent'.

Mansa, one of the BNI's best agents picked up a black phone and made one brief call. She turned her attention back to Pokuaa. 'Tell Yaa's unit to check the old tunnel system beneath the hotel.'

Five minutes later, Yaa's entire unit entered the tunnel outgunning the retreating criminals. Five reached the end of the tunnel and climbed into a truck. Yaa let off 6 shots , bursting the tyres and causing it to careen off the dirt path and into the bushes. 3 military helicopters flew towards their location, their guns aimed squarely at them.

One of the guns let off a rapid burst of bullets at the feet of the criminals, wounding them. 'Stand down' yelled Yaa. 'That's an order' as she and her women stood between the wounded and the guns. At the Afena headquarters, Owusuwaa merely dismissed Yaa's concerns about using live fire on the unarmed criminals.

Yaa solemnly saluted her and left her office. Mansa joined her in the corridor of the building and noted that like the rest of the population, Afena was forbidden to use live rounds in combat.

'Assemble your spy network to keep an eye on Owusuwaa' Yaa said quietly. 'I fear that she plans to neutralise the criminal elements in this country'

The next day, an albino woman woke up from bed and clad herself in a white suit and trousers. She sighed briefly. 'A few more days and this will all be over'. The moment she left her room, a blade whizzed towards her but she snatched it in mid-air. Another white-clad women darted towards her but she swung her right foot across the floor in a sweeping motion, tackling her.

As bullets whizzed toward her, she evaded them and drew out her own guns using Gun Kata (Martial art with guns) to gun down her bulllet proof vested opponents. One woman shot at her repeatedly, forcing her to strafe to her right. She rolled to her attackers right and pointed one pistol at her ear and the other at her neck.

She holstered her nkodze (weapons). 'I'll need a faster reaction time than this in three days since the elders of the )w) need to be completely protected in 3 days time.'

The attackers holstered their weapons before saluting their head of security. Her mobile phone rang briefly and as she picked it up, she spoke into the mouthpiece, 'Meet me at the Grand Sunyani library at 3:00 pm, Pokuaa'.

Pokuaa's women accompanied her into the restricted session of the library and wiated just outside the shelves to ensure that she wasn't disturbed. She walked past 6 rows of shelves as Kuukua read the book, 'In the chest of a Woman'.

How's the book, Kuukua?'

'Disappointed with the body part check at the ending. The )ware strategies at the beginning was interesting though' she replied. 'The )w) elders will meet in three days at the lighthouse overlooking the new Sunyani dam to discuss disbanding'

Both women thought deeply. Pokuaa knew that disbanding would make the last criminal organisation in the country, much easier to deal with and Kuukua savoured the thought of abandoning her deep cover as an )w) thug.

'We'll round up the )w) for their own protection' Pokuaa noted. 'She then told her of Owusuwaa's recent bloodthirstiness.

'I'd prefer to have the criminals stand trial than die. 'They at least have that right' noted Kuukua.

'I'll speak to Mansa. We'll need to keep them in some sort of shelter before Owusuwaa does something drastic'.

3 days later, Yaa and Pokuaa snuck into the perimeter of the lighttower and took out the )w) guards one by one. Yaa flung her blade at the trigger of a gun pointed at her by and )w). She smashed the attacker's face with her boot. An )w) began to attack her but she dodged her punches, unbuckled her belt and spun around her before tightening it around her neck.

She held onto it till she lost consciousness. Pokuaa took out the remaining )w) with a sniper's rifle. Mansa checked the progress of the team when her monitors and that of her entire team went black. In the field, Kuukua noticed that her link to Mansa had been cut but remained calm as the elders argued over the terms of disbanding.

The door to the room was blasted off its hinges as Yaa and Pokuaa's forces entered the room, shooting several of the guards. Mansa's link became active again and she yelled over the portable radio. 'You have 30 minutes to leave the building and head for the northern underground bunker'.

Owusuwaa watched three monitors that showed the )w) building from all angles. The images were provided by several high tech satellites she had requested for. It had taken her years to reach this stage of her plan. Years of mingling with policymakers and opinion leaders. Long hours spent explaining to the media that peace was Ghana's greatest core value and crime was a threat to it.

She had also spent billions of Ghana cedis in untraceable funds developing and perfecting the akodze that would neutralise the criminal element in one fell swoop. 'Deliver the Bonsu' she ordered.

Deep beneath the Sunyani Sea, a Mampam (alligator) class submarine lay on the seabed. Its top slid open to reveal 20 Bonsu (shark) missiles. Each one shot through the water surface before striking the building turning the entire parchment of land into a burning inferno. Fifteen seconds, the entre nation witnessed the savage attack via images relayed by satellite.

Horrified, President Saada called for the immediate disbanding of the Afenaand had Owusuwaa arrested. The criminals had been sheltered in a bunker by Yaa and Pokuaa made to withstand a nuclear blast in the period that Ghana became a part of the Non-Aligned Movement and appealed for a nuclear bomb free world.

Three days later, Yaa, Pokuaa and Mansa stood in the abandoned Afena headquarters. 'Ghana's High Command have requested that I become the new Supreme Commander of Afena' Yaa informed them. 'Despite Owusuwaa's lapse of judgement, Afena kept crime rates low at 0.1%. Naturally we will be under strict controls and have less weapons but that won't be a problem. '